Dualism and detection of the soul

I was thinking today, if there existed only 1 magnet in the world, and no metallic substances, nobody will ever know the existence of the magnetic field. Neuroscience has so far not detected any soul or any external actions on the brain, might it be because the soul only interacts with a small number of certain particles in the brains, like the situation with magnets I just described?

It's hypothesized that dark matter only interact gravitationally. It's entire possible there's another person sitting right next to you, in his own world with his own particles, but he's made of matter that doesn't interact via any of the 4 forces with our particles, so you don't know he exist. Is this a reasonable explanation for why the soul hasn't been detected yet?

I have no problem with violating thermodynamics, because even if materialism is correct our free will must violate it anyway. It's that spooky interaction problem that makes me seriously doubt dualism.
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