Enneagram Anyone?



Any thoughts on the enneagram? I'm reading From Fixation to Freedom by Eli Jaxon-Bear. He and Almaas both have written on the enneagram from a spiritual liberation standpoint, but it seems there is a lot of other content out there from a more personality centric angle.
Yes I find knowing the ennegram very helpful in being able to understand how certain people work. It's helped me understand certain types I am naturally intolerant towards, such as very orderly, rule addicted people (1). Being able to accept that's their psychological make up and their way of approaching the world has helped me be more understanding and avoid triggering behaviors around them. It's also helped me understand myself, being able to realize that relating to people doesn't make you them. (9)

I have not read anything about this system from a spiritual standpoint, but psychologically I find it does work.


Yes. I'm just digging in a little bit. I may go back to Ichazo and Naranjo for the fun of it. I'm not quite clear yet on how it is supposed to be helpful to know one's own type beyond recognizing the source of some of your motives. But it is interesting. It seems stronger personalities stand out more clearly and are more easily recognizable.
It's helpful to know ones type because it allows you to recognize certain unhealthy behavior patterns as you fall into them. For some it may be drawing in to a shell and for others it would be over socializing to avoid their own thoughts. Some people's personalities are more easily recognizable but you will notice it's usually the unhealthy character development which is the most obvious (is someone super clingy? super depressed? tends to make themselves a martyr towards good deeds?) While someone emotionally healthy gets stuck in less extreme behaviors. I don't know if my understanding is the ennegram as a whole or just the specific book I read.
I'll post a link soon.
"The Fourth Way enneagram is a figure published in 1949 in In Search of the Miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky, and an integral part of the Fourth Way esoteric system associated with George Gurdjieff. "

The "Teachers of Gurdjieff" by Rafael Lefort clearly documents the Sufi sources of his methods.

Idries Shah also states that the enneagram is a Sufi tool. For deeper spiritual understanding one who would need an appropriate guide.
In one of those funny type of events today, I came across a book about the ennegram in the workplace while browsing in a used book store. (This is more random than you would think since the total of English language books in this place were about 5 small shelves). I didn't get it though. :)
I used to be much more into it than I am now (Type 4, if curious). The problem with these kinds of typology systems is that you can never be sure that all of your nine (or MBTI's 16) types truly fit every human being on the planet. I've found people in my life who could be the prime exemplars of their types (my mom a Two, my late dad a One, old girlfriend a Seven), but I've also found those who don't seem to fit any of them. The map is not the territory.

That said, the healthy paths outlined for each type are very reasonable-I know in my case that I followed the healthy path of the Four as outlined by say Don Richard Riso-I definitely moved to One as they outline (vs. my dark days when I regressed back to Two). But someone else might read all of the movements of all the types and find that it doesn't match their life path at all.