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    *Note: I posted this on the Psience Quest Forum, but I thought I would post this over here as well for those who do not have an account there.

    I found this test while searching for techniques to "enhance" telepathic ability, if such a thing is possible. I did an experiment and my results are recorded below. I would love to see other people's scores!

    Link to test:

    Setup: I chose the "Predict a card unknown to you" option. I'm not really sure if this option would even count as telepathy, but oh well [​IMG] . I then chose the "symbols" cards and the question number is "25". I took a ten minute break in between each one.

    First Try: 44%-11/25

    Second Try: 32%-8/25

    Third Try: 40%-10/25

    Fourth Try: 44%-11/25

    Fifth Try: 36%-9/25

    Sixth Try: 40%10/25

    Seventh Try: 40%-10/25

    Eighth Try: 44%-11/25

    Ninth Try: 36%-9/25

    Tenth Try: 36%-9/25

    I then did ten trials of random guessing. Below are those results.

    First Try: 16%-4/25

    Second Try: 20%-5/25

    Third Try: 16%-4/25

    Fourth Try: 12%-3/25

    Fifth Try: 20%-5/25

    Sixth Try: 20%-5/25

    Seventh Try: 20%-5/25

    Eighth Try: 16%-4/25

    Ninth Try: 20%-5/25

    Tenth Try: 24%-6/25

    I'm not sure if the test is indicative of anything psi related, but nonetheless I had fun taking it!
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