Examining Big Pharma influence on Medical Practice

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  1. Can Big Pharma Actually Buy a Doctor's Allegiance for a $20 Meal?

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    Apr 15, 2014
    Interesting, but not surprising. I've worked in a few moderate sized clinics and at all of them the drug reps are there almost every day with free catered lunches, sweets, ice cream and even a snow cone truck. I also saw the piles of gifts they would receive every Christmas from these same drug companies.

    It's sightly better than it used to be since as far as I know free vacations to Hawaii and such are no longer legally allowed.

    All the doctors I've worked with seem like good people so it bums me out to think they would let such trivial things alter the care they give to their patients, but I have no idea if it did or not.

    On the flip side, when I worked for a small reference lab that was a big Roche client, Roche would often bring cookies, donuts, cake etc. for all of the employees. Then the executives of the lab put a stop to it because they were concerned about the "ethics" of the whole thing. The crappy thing about that was, most employees had virtually no say in what products were being used in the lab. This was the same lab that cut all employee bonuses "because of the recession" even though said recession was not affecting lab volumes or revenues. We also later found out that all upper management continued getting their bonuses, so it was just the people doing the actual work that made the company a profit that got short shrifted. We were then told by one of the managers that we should all be happy we still had a job and to stop griping about bonuses. Needless to say, I don't work there anymore.
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