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And, as a secondary question, brought to my mind by this, how can one prevent against hot reading when seeing a psychic? Give a false name and pay in cash?
Those are reasonable precautions. And during the reading you should only say "yes" or "no" and only to indicate if you recognize what the medium is telling you or not. You should never volunteer information or answer questions. If you can't identify the spirit coming through, you should say you're not sure who it is - the medium should be able to provide enough information to uniquely identify the spirit. If you are hoping to hear from your aunt and the medium says she has an elderly woman, don't assume it is your aunt, wait for the information uniquely identifying the spirit. It's also not a bad idea to learn about cold reading before going to a medium.

Does anyone here have any anecdotal evidence of their own experiences with a medium where hot reading can be totally excluded?
Yes. When I gave readings during classes in mediumship. And when I got readings in class and during Spiritualist church services often personal information would come through that only I knew.

I have described some of my experiences here:

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Does anyone here have any anecdotal evidence of their own experiences with a medium where hot reading can be totally excluded?
I went to a medium with my girlfriend in august 2014 and I decided to set up several tests with the spirits that claim to be past life friends. I told no one about the experiments not even my girlfriend. Beyond her knowing that an experiment was going to happen.

I set up with them that during the reading I would act as a conduit for one of them and allow them to come down as a poltergeist. The intent was to see how good the mediums energy sense was and to see if she could accurately identify both that someone was in the room, where they were in the room, and who it was without me mentioning a single thing about it.

She could, and her description was "good enough." Same went for her description of everyone else who I hadn't pulled down. I tried pressing her for more specific physical details but she said that "she doesn't see hem that way." Had it not been for both mine and my girlfriends wealth of experience with that realm at that point I would've dismissed her as a fake however the way she described the difficulty in seeing them as well as a few other things told me she was genuinely seeing it that way. I had also set up "memory plants" with them. Induced visualizations to test how the medium got her information about me. Whether she wa really looking into the past/future or if it was more directly telepathic She accurately described both plants which meant telepathy which gave me insight into how her abilities worked and their flaws. Namely the ability to induce false information without her knowledge.

The main dissapointment with he was that she was heavily religious and if she'd only drop that nonesense she would've made herself 10X more accurate on everything. I thought it was funny when she was surprised that none of my friends had angel wings because yeah they'd better not. But her biases were otherwise annoying.

She was able to pick out other things that had no physical record on the internet or anywhere else as well both for me and my girlfriend. The one concern I had at the time was that her husband went into another room with a laptop and closed the door. I was highly suspicious that he was looking up information on us and then feeding it back to her somehow. Although this fear seemed to be dispelled slowly throughout the reading.

I did my best to remain as emotionless as possible throughtout my portion of teh reading just nodding my head and going "mhmm" at most without even looking her in the eye. Overall she demonstrated herself to be legit albeit heavily religiously biased and gullible. Believing more or less whatever she saw or felt. A very likely candidate for spirit manipulation in my opinion.
My experience at a Spiritualist church (which I recounted in a previous thread here) could not have involved hot reading. I was an unknown, spontaneous visitor who kept a very Stoic face as I was given my message. That being said, what I received was a mixed-bag: thematically appropriate for my life circumstances, yes; but also cryptic and lacking specific details that could be immediately confirmed. Perhaps some genealogical research on my part could provide circumstantial evidence to favor the purported communicant.