Experiences with the “11:11 phenomena.”

When I was a child I happened to experience the 11:11 phenomena quite a bit. I just found it a bizarre coincidence and didn’t put much thought into it. Several years later I learned that many consider this to be a sign from the “other side.”

Several weeks ago I asked aloud to my guides, dead relatives, good spirits, God etc (whoever) to give me some sort of mystical experience. I meditated and prayed on it. I didn’t get a mystical experience per se, but I was floored at what seems to be a response.

A few hours later:
-Saw 11:11 on the clock
-Minutes later I picked up 11 gems on my video game which brought my total gem count to 111. This is how it looked on the screen

Next day:
-Saw clock at 11:11 and 1:11
-A man gave me his business card and his address number was 1111, and he was in room 111 of that building!

- A couple of hours later was the one that sealed the deal, I was left speechless by this. I was searching random YouTube videos for some treatment ideas on a certain condition, and came across this video. (See attached pic) There was 11,111 views on the video!

Is all this a coincidence? I don’t know, maybe. Doesn’t feel that way.


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When I'm actively in the zone and writing, I experience 11:11 consistently. Not just 11:11. Seems like almost every time I look at the clock, it is 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. I use those opportunities to cross myself as a kind of ritualistic acknowledgment of the aeons and the One above.
When I'm not in "in the zone" and kind of between inspirations, I don't see nearly as many of these times on the clock. And it doesn't work to "try" to notice the times. They just pop or they don't.
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