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Originally put this in Research, but as it's more anecdotes and personal reflections I figure it's better as its own thread. Lots of interesting stuff, like the interview about Occult Artwork I mentioned in Visionary Art, as well as stories from people who've had experiences of "high strangeness".

Among the major themes that Extraordinarium seeks to explore:
• the supernatural, paranormal, and Fortean
• coping with uncertainty and the unexpected
• natural wonders
• human talents
• travels and journeys
• cultural exchanges
• ideas and imagination

The key ways through which the extraordinary is considered include:

• people’s extraordinary experiences
• studies of people’s extraordinary experiences and extraordinary things
• how the extraordinary relates to imagination and ideas


Filmmaker Joe Kane on the doc Ghosts on the Underground

Christopher: I like how the late Vic Tandy was a significant part of the documentary. Tandy, for those readers who aren't familiar with him, was a proponent of exploring infrasound as a potential explanation for "haunting" experiences, particularly when people catch a glimpse of an apparition in the corner of their eye and feel unsettled, as if there were a presence in the room. How did he become so key as a way to delve into why certain parts of the tube are connected to eerie experiences?

Joe: Vic was great. He was the perfect balance of not rubbishing anything but also keeping his scientific mind looking for an explanation. His infrasound theory is really good and applies to quite a lot of situations. He explained infrasound to me as a leftover from prehistoric years when we could hear deep rumbles like animal roars and it would trigger fight or flight responses –hair standing on end, etc. – and that we still hear those sounds, we just don't consciously recognise them as audio, so we get the effect without the sound. Once I heard his theory I thought he was perfect to balance out the film and keep it credible.

Christopher: And Tandy's theory is still widely discussed. Yet you don't suggest that it is a blanket explanation for the hauntings. You present a variety of stories that firmly fall outside of how Tandy explains infrasound effects on human physiology. Did you, yourself, experience anything ghostly while making the film?

Joe: The nearest thing was Pages Walk. It's really creepy place to be and we were told by the station staff that all our batteries would run out when we got down there. Sure enough they did, we had four of them go flat on us which is a bit strange. We also had a shot down there where we were filming a tracking shot of the tunnel, and as we started recording I said to the cameraman that what we needed was the door to slam shut to make the shot more interesting, and as soon as I said it, it did. The perfect 'stage' door slam; creaking door followed by a slam. The shot made it into the film.