Mod+ FBI document suggests ESP was looked into for espionage purposes

The Rhine Research Center posted this on their Facebook page:

An FBI file has been released that shows that the US Intelligence services were looking into ESP abilities for espionage purposes in 1957. "Reading through walls" and "helping the blind to see" are only part of this investigation. The documents vary from supportive eye witness accounts, to critiques by people who heard about the activities 3rd hand, to a dismissal of the topics due to a lack of widespread scientific acceptance. The Duke Parapsychology Labs are prominent in these documents. Perception/Extra-Sensory Perception Part 1 of 1/view

Frank Matera

It's an interesting one... There was obviously enough evidence there for them to spend money and conduct research for so long. You get an idea pretty early on if there is nothing there.

Skeptics use the fact the program was ceased (at least publically) as proof that there was nothing to see here... yet what can't be ruled out is that it worked very very well... and that is the reason it was announced that the program was ceasing.

If you could use ESP for espionage... the last thing you would do is admit that it works and that you use it. In fact you would do the exact opposite and say it doesn't work and you have given up trying.