Finding Ghosts!

I received the newsletter from the Windbridge Inst. and I thought to re-publish their upcoming event here:


If you happen to be in Arizona or nearby... you might be interested.
And if you attend I'd be interested in knowing what was it like... detailed reports, please :D

ETA: @ghost this is the one for you ;)
Hi! The workshop had a large hands-on component, so just making the recordings available doesn’t really work well. I’m redesigning the course so that it will fit onto an on-line format. That will probably take a couple of months. To be honest, I’m less enthusiastic about putting this stuff on-line. There are a lot of on-line classes and videos available, but having the ability to do some of this stuff adds a lot to the experience. My first formal training in Parapsychology was at the Rhine Research Center’s Summer Study Program. I spent two weeks working side-by-side with other students in Dean Radin’s lab. It was an amazing experience and I’d love to see more of these kinds of training opportunities come back – but I digress…

The workshop was designed for folks who are actively in the field investigating reports of ghosts and haunting – but about half of the attendees where simply interested in the topic. The main goals of the workshop were to try to get people think about why they are conducting these investigations and why they conduct the investigations the way that they do. We also focused on the different types of data that investigators may be sitting on, how they might analyze them, and some options for publication in journals (so that their findings can contribute to the larger body of knowledge and help expand our understanding of the phenomenon). A good amount of time was spent on research ethics and issues relating to proper training and working with mental health professionals. The medium provided suggestions for working with mediums, information about his process, and suggestions on how one might better be open to mediumistic information during investigations.

It was a full day (10am to 6pm) and feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive (which, to be honest, was a bit of a surprise. My experience is that this population tends to have some very strong ideas and opinions when it comes to field investigations). Because some of the material was a little dense, some suggested that we turn it into a two-day workshop.


Thanks, Mark. My feeling is that moving workshops like this from being personally interactive to an on-line model is likely the wrong direction. There is no substitute to experiencing the immediate presence of another. I suppose for me it is a quality versus quantity thing.

I'm not particularly interested in ghost hunting, but I was interested by the multidisciplinary approach.

Would you say that the understanding of the majority of participants was that ghosts are disembodied human spirits, or was there discussion about possible alternatives to this view?
I’m a big fan of multidisciplinary research. It seems that in the past few years Qualitative approaches to “ghost hunting” have gotten bad rap. For some reason if “data” isn't coming from a device that beeps, blinks, or has a digital display, it’s somehow not valid. One of my hopes with this workshop was to demonstrate that there is a lot to learn from Qual and we have a better chance of understanding these reports if we use all our available tools.

For the purposes of this workshop we defined a Ghost as some part of the human personality or consciousness that exists separate from the body. Given the short amount of time we had, I decided to focus the majority of the conversation through that lens. I would say that many of the participants were open to the idea of possible alternatives and it would be interesting to cover more of those in future workshops.


Thanks for entertaining my questions, Mark. I have one more thought. Some writers on the OBE talk about experiencing people who have physically died but who persist on non-physical planes. Other OBE writers talk about being able to address "hauntings" in the OBE state.

Have you considered adding this line of evidence to your multidisciplinary approach?


You are very welcome, Chuck!

In this workshop we talked a lot about mediumship (obviously) and spent some time talking about how one might be more open to their own intuition. We also covered dream awareness (many "ghost hunters" will sleep over at a location, and there are many reports of After Death Communication during dreams) and gave a quick nod to Lucid Dreaming. Because we had limited time, I specifically decided not to cover, what I call, induced altered patterns of phenomenal properties. These would include intentional OBE's, ganzfeld, psychomanteum, magnetic neural stimulation, binaural beats, etc. My personal experience with these types of techniques is that they can create very powerful experiences and not everyone is well suited for all these approaches. IMHO, people that are interested in these types of experiences should have proper training (including informed consent) and a support system in place to help them integrate their experiences, all of which is ~way~ outside the scope of what I could cover in a one-day workshop. However, I am considering the possibility of a future workshop about these techniques, but in a larger context beyond simply "ghost hunting."