Forum Casualties, Deserters/AWOL & MIA

Let's start checking off the above here in this thread. This will probably end up being the official record of the death of the Skeptiko forum.

I'll start...

Not too long ago we suffered a major casualty, the loss of our beloved tim. Certain members of the forum were (apparently) holding to the position that males and females are physical equals, basically interchangeable in military combat roles. Yes, it seems this-- or what he thought-- was a blatant denial of objective reality and lack of common sense killed our friend. So sad. If only tim could have envisioned the platoons of heroic young women who had hacked through the jungles of Vietnam.

Who else is there?
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Stop worrying about Linda. Here's a nice video about fake moon landings.
Thanks K9! I'm about halfway through. I don't know what Kubrick looked or sounded like, so could somebody provide me their educated analysis?

If this video were authentic, then skeptics would start ironically developing conspiracy theories about how it isn't real and it's all just a hoax...