GETCRN - New ET Experiencers and researchers network

Hi folks, just to let you know I am in the process of setting up a new network devoted to bring ET Contact Experiencers together with Researchers to explore a wide variety of subjects associated with the ET contact phenomenon. I started putting it together 2 months ago but will not be launching the network until early February 2015. It's a little sparse at the moment, until I finish setting it up and recruit enough members. But teh structure is there and I think you can get a feel what we're all about and where we're heading.

If you are an ET contactee/experiencer or a researcher or both and you would like to join a network which brings, contactees and researchers together to explore the ET Contact Phenomenon, please consider applying to join our network – the Global ET Contact Research Network – &

I am about to have a month off the internet, as I am unwell and won't be won’t be able to approve any memberships until the 2nd February when I return from my break.

So this is really just a heads up to anyone who maybe interested in joining us !

Thus far we have 5 members - including 2 people with doctorates - including one person who is a theoretical physicist. I'd like to attract more highly qualified people but the network is also open to lay researchers and researchers who are also experiencers. I am particularly interested in getting away from peer reviewed research and challenging some of the popular held beliefs in the Alienology/UFOlogy/Exopiltics field. A number of other people have asked to join but I can't approve anyone unless they apply using the basic forms that are linked to the website. It's necessary for me to do this, so that I can screen out trolls and people who would sabotage the network. I know it's a pain in the bum but it's really not that hard.
I'm really keen to attract researchers from a wide range of disciplines !

So please feel free to have a look at what we're doing and flick me an email with your application. If you'd like to support our network in any way, please get in touch !

Best wishes to everyone for 2015,

Bright Garlick.