Good sources for NDE research?

I want to put together a few paragraphs making the case that NDEs are suggestive of disembodied consciousness. Nothing too in depth, more of an introduction to the subject.

I'll definitely include the Lancet article, it contains good general information as well as the veridical experience involving the man with dentures.

This Salon article is a good general introduction, includes a couple of classic veridical experiences, and addresses the weaknesses with current physiological explanations of NDEs.

This paper describes a veridical experience that occurred during a prospective study.

This study is interesting, because it casts doubt on any sort of psychological explanation of the NDE as a result of false or distorted memories, constructed after the fact.

In this paper, Parnia makes the case that a physicalist explanation of NDEs is difficult because blood loss happens rapidly following cardiac arrest, and so brain activity must be practically non-existent during the time NDEs occur.

Pim Van Lommel's reply to an article by Michael Shermer:

Keith Wood's critique of Steven Novella:

That's all I can think of right now. Are there any other points I should make? Preferably something I can back up with a decent source.
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People can post what they wish and I'll decide what sources I'm alright with. I'm making a case for people who are generally unfamiliar with the topic, but also generally lean to the skeptical side.