Had a recent ESP experience



Went to bed last night (or this morning) around 4:30 AM ish maybe even a little bit after.

Had a dream this morning that I went in to the back room of my house which has a backyard and a alley behind the yard/lot and the powerline transformer started sparking and blew up and the power went out in the house.

Woke up this morning told my mom about the dream for some reason, which I rarely if ever do.went on the computer ran some errands typical day, come back home from running errands and use the computer again. Around 6:35 ish the computer in my room, air conditioner and modem etc just went off. I thought maybe it was because I had the air conditioner running all day and blew a fuse. Check the other fuses in the house and looked outside and it seemed that the whole block lost power, I thought I couldn't tell for sure because it was still light out.

Then my mom emerges from the room and goes, remember you told me this afternoon that you dreamt the powerline blew and the powerbox sparked up and the power went out.

Then it struck me I was like holy *&*&. I got dressed went outside and seen more neighbors out then usual. One of my neighbors a few doors down asked me as I walked by if the power went out I said yea, he said me to. walked further down the block and a man walking his dog said 8:45 it will be back on is what he overheard the neighbors saying.

ESP is known to run in my family my mom has it when it comes "naturally" to her and not forced crazy