Mod+ Help bring "Thinking Allowed" back to PBS!

Jeffrey Mishlove, creator of the original PBS series "Thinking Allowed," is trying to get a new version of the series up and running, called "New Thinking Allowed." He has already done some really great interviews that have been posted on his YouTube channel. I've posted many of those videos in this forum.

His goal is to get PBS to pick up the series again. He is hoping that by getting enough attention for his content on YouTube, PBS will see that there is an established viewer base that can be translated into a successful broadcast version of the series. It helps them to see how many subscribers the YouTube channel has.

Dr Mishlove has put out a request for anyone who wants to see this kind of programming back on television to become a subscriber to the "New Thinking Allowed" channel. Seriously, how hard is that? Click on the subscribe button for goodness sake!!!!!. Here's the url:

@Alex Maybe you could mention this in an upcoming podcast? :)
Apparently, people have been subscribing to the New Thinking Allowed channel on youtube, which is really going to help it's bid to get back on TV. ;;/?

Here is the latest series of interviews: