How consciousness goes into the body

I have read many things about consciousness, spirituality, and many other things. I deny most of it, but there are still enough to confirm that consciousness and many spiritual phenomena exist. But when rearranged for a full picture of reality there are some thing is missing.
If the consciousness is not matter or energy, then how consciousness coming in and connecting with the body like?
Why is it connected to all living things, since a life begins? How does consciousness know when a life is born to connect with that life?
So does a cell in our body consciously?
If consciousness connects to the body, it only connects to the brain or other parts.
a single-celled organism conscious?
a cultured cell consciously?
do trees consciously?
Before connecting, where is consciousness. Why is it immediately connected to life?
A creatures can live without consciousness?
Those are the big questions that nobody knows the answer to lol. Materialists have no clue why conscious even occurs in the first place. I think we can at least state that it does so for a purpose.