How to define/distinguish an OBE

So I have continued my research into OBE's and have really come across some very insightful facts. I can truly understand now how difficult it will be for AWARE or any other study of the same type to record an accurate OBE.

I think a lot of time we imagine that when an OBE'r wakes up from their experience in the hospital, they immediately start talking about it. However as I have found out, this is not the case.

A lot of times the OBE'r does not recall the experience all at once, and it comes back to them over time. So this is where I think we need to figure out what "experience" we can actually classify as OBE's, and it has to do with how the experience recalls the OBE.

One experiencer that I talked to claimed to have had an OBE whilst in the hospital. However when telling me the story, the experiencer said that she did not remember the experience immediately upon waking up, but it came back to her over time.

One aspect of the OBE even came back to this particular experiencer via a dream, which she later confirmed with her family for it's veracity. It turned out she was correct.

I'm having trouble figuring out whether or not this experience was an OBE, or just a dream that she interpreted as an OBE.

If an OBE is recalled via dream, does it then cease to be an OBE?
If a person remembers having perceived the environment from a position different from their body, then it is an OBE, but the experience can be remembered gradually during dreams. The key is whether the OBEs have veridical information not obtainable by known senses, memory, inference or luck.