I saw a ghost

Not very enlightening, but moderately entertaining. I have a BBC Radio 2 Christmas programme on tape from the mid-1990s, which I keep meaning to digitise before it wears out, called "Ghosts from the Archives". It contains interviews with people who've seen ghosts or live in haunted housed, that span the C20th. There are some great accounts, including a poltergeist in a posh London West End shop, to a ghost horse, spanning the history of the BBC. One genuinely scary account is of attempted possession of a young woman recording timber supplies in a remote Welsh farmhouse during WW2.
I listened to that last week, I thought the younger guy's experience sounded very genuine, and the older guy from the Mansion got on my nerves interrupting everybody. He also kept stating that he didn't believe in ghosts, when I think he really meant that he didn't believe that ghosts were spirits of the dead.

Gabriel: You must record it, and post it, would love to hear it.