Mod+ IANDS Conference: Next Steps in Near-Death Experiences Research


Leading NDE researchers discussed the next steps for investigating this phenomenon as part of a panel at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) 2014 Conference on Aug. 29. The panelists were Jan Holden, a counselling professor at the University of North Texas, editor of the IANDS Journal of Near-Death Studies, and former IANDS president; Robert and Suzanne Mays, who have studied NDEs for more than 30 years; and Mitch Liester, a psychiatrist and medical doctor in Colorado.
Jan Holden
Legitimize study
Universal nature of NDEs
Treating NDEers better

Robert Mays
Bigger picture of death-related phenomena
Veridical perceptions
Consciousness studies

Suzanne Mays
Interview methods
Reveal laws of the transcendent realm

Mitch Leister
Greater collaboration between scientists
Cross-cultural studies