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... some things that many, or all, people have said:
"In my next lifetime ..." when someone is discussing a career path or life choice they didn't make in this lifetime, yet still showed some capability or affinity towards.

"I can't wait to get my new (next) body ..." oft heard from seniors, or in old age homes, when people gripe about the physical problems and (frankly) let downs that our physical bodies experience over time, especially after 5 or 6 decades and beyond.

I'd like this thread to be exclusively about (re)-incarnation. This is a topic I'm deeply interested in and have seen overwhelming evidence of, and I believe that the image shown here with the Rumi quote is extremely relevant to this discussion, for, once you fully realise that energy (you) can neither be created nor destroyed, and only moved, even the number of galaxies in existence in this universe become irrelevant to you.
Have you seen the work of Ian Stevenson, and Jim B Tucker?

They have several books and have done much research on this subject.

I can't wait to get my new (next) body ..." oft heard from seniors, or in old age homes
To be careful, without a bit of context, a remark like that might just be a humorous way of saying that their body is failing and they are close to death. Do you work in a care home?

Why not Write a bit more at length about what you personally know.

Hey David, yes, I do plan on writing more on this subject. I'd like to bring everything we have on it together, my experiences as well as others, and have it all in one place, and have links to all of it too, eventually.

And no, I don't work specifically in an old age home, though we have installed and maintain mechanical systems in a few of them. One of my grandparents was sent to one and I spent some time there with her a few years ago. The only reason I brought up those two quotes as heard from people is that they are matter of fact statements, that we don't take seriously because of the existing conditioning which exists in our culture. I also prefer the way the Chinese deal with old age much much better than what we have devised here. In China it is a family affair, their families are much closer together, and the really young and the really old hang out together every day. Both age groups require day-care, and nothing keeps an old person quite as happy as their great grand-children playing at their feet. It has a way of keeping a perma-smile on the faces of the venerable.

And this, this sitting of the very old with the very young, sews life together perfectly. The last thing you hear, is the next thing you hear. Those who are newly discovering their vocal chords again.
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I'm going to move everything I wrote in here (Skeptiko Forum) so far to this location:

My understanding of incarnation is old. Reincarnation implies something other, and the proper term should be incarnation because we all incarnate again and again and again. When the Human species expands beyond existing numbers the consciousness of another from another species can move in to fill the demand, and this is actually reincarnation. Sometimes at this stage a consciousness can move back to where it came from, if the shock of the "new to it" species is too much, but generally speaking evolution is a one way process where there is much incarnation, and then very periodically reincarnations when a consciousness moves species, from a lesser species to a greater species. And, because the Human population has been growing lately, it is very likely that we all have met someone who was from another species and this is their first time as a Human. They are, I found, very neutral about anything, very simple in their discussions, and very nice people.

Also, evolution itself is not even possible, at all, if all that ever happened was you were "created" when your parents had sex, and then you leave this Earth never to return. This simple understanding implies that evolution can happen in less than one century, for, that is the duration (for the most part) of one lifetime as a Human Being. This makes no sense, and perhaps relating it to other species may help in this understanding.

There have been many insect species that follow certain life cycle phases during each year. Many of these involve hatching, growth, maturity, prom night, where there is an unusually high number of them out and about, everybody gets laid, and the next crop of eggs are set in place, and then they all die. An examination of June Bugs, for example, where at roughly the same time every year they all just fall to the ground and stop living. If we examined all the dead June Bugs or any of a large number of insect types that do these yearly mass die offs, I believe that an autopsy would reveal that there was no cause of death. Their bodies are immaculate and as perfect this day as they were the day before, and the only difference is that the spark of life has left them. Not starvation, not disease, not any physical cause of death, the insects just did their thing, and then leave again. The eggs are set, and they will do it all again the next year.

Also, the word "instinct" is very very undefined, and "just because" is a paltry explanation; it is not an explanation at all; and once we all fully realise that it is the very same consciousnesses doing this over and over again, then it all makes perfect sense.

And evolution is, more than it is anything else, the gaining of knowledge. I am the vessel to which this knowledge is carried into the future and I keep coming back here. I have deep in my memories the aqua-ducts which were all over Europe for many thousands of years, and they were the first power grid that our species used extensively, and I vaguely remember them. Keystones, gears, many things are in the back of my mind about these times from the past. Also, energy is everything, and I am energy too.

There is a Law in Physics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed: only moved.

Before all of the matter in the Prime Material Plane was built (built by us and others) there was energy. Even after all this time, trillions of years, we still need to return to this energy stream daily, and this is the Dreamscape. The difference between the Dreamscape and the Prime Material Plane is also the reason we built the Prime Material Plane in the first place. If I set a guitar down in the Dreamscape, for example, I may never see it again, and if I set a guitar down here in the Prime, it is right there leaning up against the wall where I left it the next time I return. This building of the Prime Material Plane occurred too many trillions of years ago to even contemplate, but it is worth noting because at some point it did happen, and everything in the Prime is here now, and, works, and because we are energy, it is worth noting the Energy Stream itself, that which was there before, during and after all else. And no, no actual physicists believe the big bang theory, it is just yet another dogma set into motion by the systems of control here on Earth that everything must endure. Mordor is Switzerland and the bankster families have their fingers on, exclusively, the "print money" button, and they have been using this power to the detriment of all Life on Earth. That is off topic, though it is worth noting as well.
The Pineal Gland at the centre of this human brain is a good topic which fits right in here, quite appropriately. If evolution is a fact then we need follow this back well before the appearance of primates here on this planet. It must go all the way back to the formation of a new Hydrogen atom, and that does change everything, at least in so far as what has been discussed recently. If we do not set some arbitrary limit on ourselves and evolution then we do need to go back to the first ever self realisation moment, the moment when everything in this Prime Material plane showed up for the first time. That moment was, I believe, the first moment of self realisation for everything. It was not a god made moment, it was self made, and it was a tiny amount of the energy which is everywhere, all the time, self realising. That is the force in which all matter that exists in the Universe came to be, and that is the force which keeps it all together and here.

There is a reason the elements Gold and Silver (just two examples) show up in what we call veins in the ground, and that is that they too are energy, just like us, and they too are alive and they are merely making more of there own kind, over time.

It does seem like an insanely long time ago, the movement from just energy into more stable repeating patterns that we recognise now as all of the elements in the Universe, relatively speaking, however just remember that it does take a long time, a very long time, to learn new thoughts, even one new thought. Each and every one of us, in order to arrive here, as the most highly evolved species on this planet, had to have gone through many many changes. Personally I thought the time I spent as a crystal was too long, and so was the time I spent as a tree, and going back to the Pineal Gland is the subject of validation here. When a male sperm unites with a female egg in the process of pregnancy in the Human animal, the first thing that happens is similar to a perfunctory doubling of the cells thusly formed by this union. The newly formed cells simply double, and then double, and then double, on a set time scale which is very similar to just regular fingernail cells growing.

Then, at around seven and a half weeks, the Pineal Gland in the embryo activates (every time we have looked it is the same). Brain wave activity shows up for the first time, and the growth of the entire structure takes off like a rocket and the growth rate is vastly accelerated. This is also the moment when (not always) the mother becomes aware that she is pregnant, for, this is when another soul has in fact inhabited the cluster of growing cells there, and she is aware of it. Not only that, our Pineal Glands are full of crystals, which, is testament to ourselves from a very long time ago.

Anyway, has anyone else here ever studied or know anything of the centre of our universe, the Pineal Gland, which is at the centre of our brains? These Pineal Glands do seem to be the centre of what houses the energy of our souls while we are in the vessel known as this body, and they have also been called "the third eye" and other references to insights experienced by people.
Pineal Gland crystal.jpg

Calcite Microcrystals in the Pineal Gland of the Human Brain
First Physical and Chemical Studies
Baconnier, Lang et al.

It should be noted that these are initial findings of an ongoing study. Given the proper opportunity this study may yield results that are of great significance.

The researchers have isolated and studied calcite microcrystals which they have found in human pineal glands.

Quotes from the paper:
“The pineal gland … converts a neuronal signal into an endocrine output. … [It] is located close to the anatomical centre of the human brain.” “A total of 20 glands from [human] subjects ranging in age from 15 to 68 years were studied.” “Microcrystals were found in every gland in quantities ranging from 100 to 300 crystals per cubic millimetre of gland. No attempt was made to correlate the quantity of crystals with either the age of the subject or pathological details.” “Length dimensions of the crystals varied from 2-3 to about 20 micrometres.” “These results (referring to various forms of analysis described in detail) and the electron diffraction measurements definitely prove that the microcrystals are calcite.” “These calcite crystals bear a striking resemblance to the otoconia of the inner ear.” “The calcite in otoconia has been shown to exhibit piezoelectricity.” “If piezoelectricity were to exist [in the pineal calcite microcrystals], an electromechanical coupling mechanism to external electromagnetic fields may be possible.”

“The possibility of nonthermal coupling of electromagnetic radiation to biological systems has been considered recently [Kirschvink, 1992]. Reiter [1993] has reviewed the literature on the possible effects of static and low frequency electromagnetic fields on the production of melatonin by the pineal gland. A study by de Seze, [1998,1999] showed no influence of microwave frequency radiation on melatonin secretion. However, Kirschvink et al. [1992] and Kirschvink [1996] have shown the presence of minute crystals of magnetite in the human brain and have suggested a mechanism for coupling of microwave radiation to them. Additional research on the nonthermal effects of microwave radiation is definitely warranted."

"After looking for ways to improve my mind and body I have stumbled across lots of information on the Pineal Gland. By no means is this a complete pineal reference, merely a summary of the research I have collected. More of an introduction to the pineal gland. I'm no expert and am always wanting to know more. Pineal Gland- The pineal gland is unique in that it sits alone in the brain whose other parts are paired. It is the first gland to be formed in the foetus and is distinguishable at 3 weeks. When our individual life force enters our foetal body at 7 weeks, the moment in which we become truly human, it passes through the pineal and triggers the first primordial flood of DMT ( N-dimethyltryptamine). Later, at birth, the pineal releases more DMT. DMT is also capable of mediating pivotal experiences of deep meditation, shamanic states of consciousness, psychoses, spiritual emergence and near death experiences. The pineal gland's location deep in the brain seems to intimate hidden importance. In the days before its function as a physical eye that could see beyond space-time was discovered, it was considered a mystery linked to superstition and mysticism. This pineal gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various bio-rhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process. When it awakens, one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision. To activate the 'third eye' is to raise one's frequency and moving into higher consciousness - all is a consciousness experience perceived through the Eye of Time or Third Eye. Meditation, Visualization Yoga, and all forms of Out of Body travel, open the Third Eye and allow you to 'see' beyond the physical. As you practice, you will get it faster and more frequently. Your psychic abilities will increase as well as your dream time messages. You may first begin with your eyes closed, but as you practice, you will be able to open your third eye by focusing your attention and receiving messages with your physical eyes open. Planetary vibration/frequency is accelerating exponentially, allowing souls to peer into other realms far more easily than in the past. Frequency will continue to rise until consciousness evolves out of the physical. Pineal Gland & The Third Eye"

[this was all written with this picture of one of the crystals found in Pineal Glands]
Evolution waits for none and the Universal Consciousness does not care how long, if ever, it takes for something to get printed in the New York Times, the National Geographic or the Sun tabloid.

Innate Abilities

When it shows up in any other species, we call it 'instincts' and when it shows up in us, we call it 'innate abilities'.

These both mean the same thing, and are both present for the same reason: incarnation. Some people are just natural artists at the onset. Some are word smiths. Some, like me, gravitate to tools and begin using them as soon as they can hold them. I have found through many lifetimes now that if I am able to use tools proficiently that I will always be useful to my species and that I will always do well while here.

Beyond these innate abilities though is an entire plethora of abilities that every single person has, or rather comes with, that didn't need to be taught. These "born with" abilities that everyone has are the basis for my assertion that incarnation is the normal way, and that it takes centuries, many centuries into the millenniums, for evolution to occur. As stated earlier in a post above, no evolution can occur at all during just one Human (or otherwise) lifetime, and that in order for this process known as evolution to advance, many lifetimes must be lived.

We all take for granted the abilities we came with, however just a cursory glance at any other species, which have none of them, will demonstrate just how many abilities everyone did have: at birth.
Past Life Regression

I'm going to edit this and add some external content at a later date.

For now, there is much content already in existence where past life regression has been studied in earnest. Of the many cases that were tracked down as they occurred, remember, usually by the age of 6 people move on, and all of the memories from their past they dump, as no longer useful or relevant to where they are now. They seem to accept that they have moved on, and, they move on. Few to none of the memories can even be re-booted in them after discussing with them their own words from 1 or 2 years ago, so, all of this evidence, in my opinion, is valid, simply for the reason that 2 to 6 year olds don't/can't even use cell phones yet, let alone conspired together to pull a fast one :)

From a story from above here ... sitting the very old together with the very young, is a great way to sew our lives here together. The last thing you hear, will be the next thing you hear. Those who are discovering their voices, again.

And I like a good analogy for explaining why we need to incarnate again and again instead of just remaining here and doing it all at once, and that is that no one wants to know or experience what a 500 year old man, or woman, smells like. *shudders*
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For all of these legitimate reasons, you need to prepare this world for your own arrival.

We all do.

Life, even though it was founded in self realisation, is such a glorious gift.