Mod+ Induced Lucid Dream Study


There are two groups in this experiment; the experimental and the control group. Assignment to the control or experimental group is totally random, and you have an equal chance of being placed in either. If you are placed in the experimental group, you will be emailed the materials upon completing this form and can start your two week attempt to induce lucid dreaming. If you are in the control group, you will be sent an email to confirm this, and after completing the follow up questionnaire at the end of the two weeks, you will also be sent the materials. Both groups will be able to keep these materials and use them after the study if you wish to continue learning how to induce lucid dreams.

If randomly allocated to the experimental group, the technique you would be using to induce lucid dreaming is a three part combined technique; Reality Testing (RT), Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) and Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD). RT involves you checking things around you to confirm that you are either awake or dreaming and creating a habit of doing this. WBTB is a method which requires you to wake up early, get up and then go back to sleep. MILD is a four step technique; dream recall, reality checks, lucid affirmations and visualising your dream. You will also be asked to keep a dream diary and use a sleep app which will record the quality of your sleep at night.

These techniques will be explained in much more detail in a the follow up email, containing everything you should need to know to complete the study. It is done this way so that those in the control group do not inadvertently use the techniques before completing the follow up questionnaire.