Intelligent Design Movement: Science or Pseudoscience?

Are the advocates in the intelligent design movement promoting science or pseudoscience?

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Paul C. Anagnostopoulos

Nap, interrupted.
I have presented you with the dictionary definition of indeterminism. If you still cannot wrap your mind around indeterminism and randomness, then we will have to leave it at that.
Your method of discussion is to accuse me of not understanding and then not bothering to try to clarify what you are saying.

Merriam-Webster "indetrminism" as "a theory that the will is free and that deliberate choice and actions are not determined by or predictable from antecedent causes" and "a theory that holds that not every event has a cause."

How does that definition help me understandi what you mean by "indeterminism and randomness," especially since it does not mention randomness.

Obviously, you didn't read my thread (as you had claimed).
This thread?

I still don't know which particular variant of the two-stage model you're talking about. The opening post there says:

"In the first stage, alternative possibilities for thought and action are generated, in part indeterministically.
In the second stage, an adequately determined will evaluates the options that have been developed."

The word random does not appear there. What do you think it means by "in part indeterministically"?

I have provided you with a description of the two-stage model of free will that clearly explains how this is accomplished. So, if you still do not understand how it works, then I suggest you reread the description until you do.
I have read it approximately six times. Perhaps you could do me the favor of explaining how the first stage works. You said:

"It would appear that you don't have the intellectual capacity to grasp that the first stage (of the two-stage model of free will) involves an aspect that is generated, in part, randomly. Although this has been explained repeatedly to you. You keep saying that "at no point is it clear whether this indeterminism involves soemthing other than randomness." What exactly aren't you getting? Indeterminism involves something random by definition."

I understand that you think the first stage involves "randomness." What do you take that word to mean? And what does it involve other than randomness?

~~ Paul
What we call randomness could also be some type of orderly process existing at a higher dimension.
Wouldn't make much of a difference for us here, "trapped" in 3D reality :D