Interesting Theory of Quantum Gravity

I dunno TS,

Just my intuition, but until we solve dark matter (placeholder) phenomena (the outer rotational bands of galaxies are spinning faster than they should by the observable mass of most galaxies, or even by increasing the assumed mass of their core black holes) - I do not think we can ask the next series of questions - around the idea of 'From whence does gravity emerge?' just yet. We have not even nailed down 'What are the measurable effects of gravity?' for certain. :)

Extra-solar objects and satellites to date, do not follow the gravitational paths we predict for their velocity and mass. Finding the reason for this may very well reveal the nature of what gravity is, in the first place? We are so certain that we know what gravity is, that we proposed that Oumuamua was an alien spaceship, as the alternative to look at - as a priority over questioning our understanding of gravity...

That is how dogmatized we may be on the topic... :D