Interesting UFO Case -- Allagash

Just listened to these podcasts about the Allagash UFO case. It is a multiple witness case with possible abduction. Lots of long term after effects.

Two brothers interviews:

And a book on Amazon by Raymond Fowler.

Really interesting case. Lots of very typical components including missing time, sleepiness and disinterest immediately following an extreme event.

Several NDE parallels.

Worth a listen.
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Found these docu-clips of the case.
Haven't seen them myself yet, but I hope they are good.

UFO - The Allagash Incident Part 1

UFO - The Allagash Incident Part 2

The Allagash Abductions - August 20, 1976, Alien Abduction - UFO

Allagash Abductions Interview,
Jim Weiner & Charlie Foltz, Podvast UFO