Is This the New Consciousness Breakthrough? Blind Sight....

Pretty silly yes, to believe there’s a way the blind can see with a few hours training?
Even sillier to claim that sighted people can be blindfolded and quickly learn to ‘see’ coloured cards and even identify letters and numbers?
If it all sounds too good to be true, they say, it probably is....but that old adage in this case is just plain wrong.
Sticking my neck out I know but what’s new?
Former telecom boss Rob Freeman and his good friend Wendy Gallant of London, Ontario are the proof of the pudding and they plan to teach others the technique.
”Some people have called it remote viewing in real time” Rob told me.

Below one of many videos Rob has posted on the web he writes: “ We are all born with this ability to see and read without our eyes – and everyone has a right to learn it just as we learn reading, writing and arithmetic as kids.There are many schools around the world teaching this, and everyone has their own "secret" spin on, and charging sometimes exorbitant prices to teach you. Some attach religion to it as well. Eventually it will be mainstream, and taught in school.
The truth is, we all can do it, it's a natural thing, but it's much easier when you're younger. But, I've seen people in their 70s reading blindfolded. I'm currently 66 & have been practising since Dec 2017 - I can see colours & am starting to make out shapes a bit now, all while blindfolded. My goal is to be able to both see the room & read, wearing the blindfold just like I can with my natural eyes with no blindfold on”

Rob first heard of the technique when a friend sent him a video of her children reading while blindfold
”I got in touch and asked her if this was some kind of joke” explained Rob. “But it turned out to be true.”
Nobody really knows how it works and there are as many theories out there on the web as there now are people teaching and practicing it.
But Rob points out that with the ability comes a deeper spiritual perception and this could lead to a more unified and peaceful world.
And another bonus for Rob is that as a UFO researcher he hopes this psychic ability might help in the quest his group has for making contact with the mystery phenomena.

In experiments with Wendy, Rob tells me that it seems to be possible to ‘see’ and perceive an object or coloured card when it is not within normal sightlines – even some miles away as he says they’ve proved when one of them has driven a distance in a car.
”Distance doesn’t seem to be a factor” said Rob. “It’s kind of real time remote viewing”.

Rob and Wendy plan to go on a German workshop to hone up their techniques and then teach others in Canada and the US.

He explained some of the learning techniques....
”All you need to do is put on a mask, do anything that will make you relaxed, do a few simple exercises to help integrate the left & right brain, then start by carefully looking for a subtle hue of colour in the darkness of the mask. It can be momentary or fleeting, it can hang around for a bit, it can appear as a haze, a flash, a spot, a jagged line. Anyone will have imagination & think they see the colours, but what you're looking for is what you actually see. It's real & over time with daily practice & preferably a practice buddy, you will eventually be seeing as if you have no mask on. But you will have to practice for 1 - 2 hours / day to attain & keep the ability, especially if you are older, like me! I have formally learned 2 methods, but honestly, each method thinks they have the only way to do it and I just don't buy into that. And just about every method in the world thinks they are the ones who have originally discovered it - not true - many people / groups have discovered this natural ability independently from one another & in different time periods. They also make you sign not to disclose their way of teaching to anyone .. I don't buy into that either. We all have the right to learn this & freely spread it, as this ability is our birthright.”

Great short documentary showing English children seeing blindfolded, by Frank Elaridi:

Another short doc he did:
Girl reads books

Blind People Use Third Eye Ability to See

Nikolay Denisov's 4 Week "Seeing Blindfolded" Course Works for Adults

Rob Freeman being tested with colour by Wendy Gallant

Seeing Blindfolded - Rob Freeman’s You Tube Channel of Blind Sight Practice
It is really unfortunate that the term "Blind Sight" seems to be used for a quite different phenomenon in which a person has a damaged visual cortex, so they feel they are blind, and yet can respond to visual information to some extent.

There is also some sort of GOOGLE application with the same name.

This seems to be talking about the same phenomenon as the videos.

Here you go folks - actual evidence or even proof that this phenomenon is real.
I think this TV show was in 2015 and I'm trying to check out what if any scientific papers have emerged since.
But this is impressive enough.
But it still leaves me with many questions like - will it work in the dark? One assumes it would, if light and optical vision is not involved and it's a direct brain connection with an object.
And how much of this is clairvoyance - maybe the blindfolds etc are simply symbolic and help us towards the final goal.
Rob and Wendy in my original piece say they make it work when they're in separate rooms - even when one is out in a car somewhere.
Anyway check out the video which I think should come in as they're starting the demo - but you can rewind to the start later.
The female Professor first discerns coloured cards, then coloured cups and finally words.
I'm really quite excited by this, especially if it means blind people might be able to see and as you'll learn possibly some paralysed folk might regain function as a side result of all this.
Who knows where this might lead if we can learn to connect to the world in a new - or perhaps ancient - way?
Here you go folks - actual evidence or even proof that this phenomenon is real...
Stonkingly good video, Psiclops, and the first one I've seen that I've found quite so convincing -- thanks for finding and posting it. The potential implications not just for helping blind people, but in many medical (and indeed other?) situations where the technique seems to help in "informational" terms seem staggering.

Who knows, if this is genuinely a novel discovery, it could be like Rupert Sheldrake's idea of morphic resonance (e.g. in crystallisation processes) and soon blossom into a whole new thing...

Do you know if there is some scientific research going on into this phenomenon? Edit: I guess by the time I listened to the whole vido that question was answered!

Unlike research on ESP (say), this could develop fast. For example, I'd like to know if light is actually needed for this phenomenon at all.

I'd been wondering how to make the previous demonstrations really convincing, and the photodiodes in the headset does seem the obvious answer - always assuming these detectors have a sensitivity as good or better than the human eye - which is pretty good once it is dark adapted. Note that in these videos, the eyes would not be dark adapted, which makes them even more remarkable.

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