Jeff Lieberman: Humans as energy

In case you haven't seen this Ted x talk yet.

While I don't agree with Lieberman's statements regarding the exclusive reflexivity of human consciousness i.e., I believe animals have a much richer conscious awareness then we realize, his ideas and his own path of 'awakening' resonated with me.

Hopefully Lieberman won't get banned from TED for using the word "spiritual ;)

I know this is old, but I tend to always be behind the times. :) Thank you for posting this Red. You never know what will profoundly affect someone. The concepts aren't new to me, but the way he said "I am standing still, but if you look closer, I am moving at the speed of light and am as old as the universe". Eureka! A light went off in a big way. I had never thought of it that way. The thought then immediately occurred to me that regardless of all we think we know, all we know can fit on the head of a pin, a pin floating in the vastness of an infinite universe. Incredible, thank you!