Jessica Schab former 'crystal child' embraces the new atheists

So back in 2008 Project Camelot interviewed a "crystal child" named Jessica Schab, the whole love and light narrative:

I enjoyed her energy so I started following her youtube channel. Now, years later, she has popped up again and now she's embraced a very sad and dangerous group of skeptics and they're using her as a kind of spokesperson for this new atheism which she has wholeheartedly embraced. I just find it kind of sad -- she's overdosed in the love and light direction, crashed, and has now over-steered too hard in the other direction?

her in front of a skeptical audience, this is cringy

new documentary teaser:

Randi says "stay in the real world"
It looks like she followed her dad's ideas when she was young, then he died and like most people, she went through a really tough time and questioned how she had been raised. It's quite natural to be angry when someone you love dies, even if you know logically that it isn't their fault. And it's pretty normal to rebel against a parent's belief system at some point in life.

Then she met a new guy, her current partner, who is a skeptic. And since she loves him, she's going along with his belief system.

There is nothing all that unusual here, just a young impressionable woman lacking the self esteem to figure things out for herself.
Being ignorant it is possible to flip to the opposite, with a lot of suffering. And remain ignorant even further.

Here is another case:
Karla McLaren: Bridging the Chasm between Two Cultures
It's not much different that being a devout Christian, having someone close to you die an untimely death, and then becoming an atheist. Because why do bad things happen to good people if there really is a loving god who looks after his followers?

It's easy to become disillusioned with a community. It's difficult to see a community clearly, warts and all, and carry on with your eyes wide open..

I've certainly had my share of disillusionment in dealing with IANDS. I was pretty upset to find out that a cult seemed to be co-opting the organization and I have distanced myself from it since that time. That being said, there are still good people doing good work who have been, and continue to be, associated with the organization. I haven't cut my ties with them.

I've also had some bad experiences working with parapsychologists. In one case the individual is currently going around claiming great success in a "scientific" study that was so poorly controlled as to be laughable. And he's using those results to promote himself and make money from the new age crowds who come to see him talk. It's pretty disgusting. But, to be fair, it isn't work he presents at scientific conferences. He has a much less enticing collection of scientific work that might actually pass peer review to show to scientists. I think the parapsychological community tolerates him because he's found a way to get funding and he knows better than to try and pass it off as scientific to them. I personally think what he does is borders on fraud.

I don't throw out all of parapsychology just because there are some questionable people involved with some studies. That would be true of most mainstream science as well. All you can do is try to weigh each study on it's own merits and pay attention to what's out there. But that's a lot more work than hitting a bump in the road and doing a complete 180. Black and white is easy. The real challenge is discerning the many shades of grey.
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I actually think that in moving from a seeded/manufactured belief in a personal anthropomorphized god towards a more all-encompassing systems-oriented holographic anti-entropy (= love?) type viewpoint it probably helps to cleanse the pallet with atheism lest you fall into the same pitfalls again. Certainly it could heighten your sense of wonder and awe once you allow yourself to step out of the curtain of the materialist paradigm. Best of luck to all on their journeys. I think we all end up in the same place anyhow.


Crystal children......this is why the skeptics have such a easy time with strawmens. European/western spirituality is so phony and contrived and watered down.....smh
Atheists are just fountains of negativity. At least these crystal children are trying to spread positivity. The state of physics today is that nobody knows where the big bang came from. So there is nothing wrong with searching for ghosts, spirits, healing crystal energy and something positive to think about.
Last night I finally got around to watching all the vids in this thread. The curious thing for me is that in her Project Camelot video, Jessica mentions various tangible "strange" things that happened to her and her family, including:

  • Her father communicating with spirit entities.
  • Key books falling off shelves around her and strangers handing her key books and videos (without themselves knowing why), including one such person who knew her name and confirmed that the videos were intended for her.
  • Communicating with spirit entities herself.

I would be very interested to know how she frames these - and any other "strange" things that happened/happen to her - within her new outlook.
This reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. I grew up in a Christian household, though my parents weren’t extremely religious by any means. Then converted to a Hellenic pagan/ Wiccan for some time to a hardcore atheist who followed any extreme skeptic on YouTube. I find myself to be agnostic about pretty much everything now.