Joe Rogan and Michael Shermer on consciousness after death,religion and God


I recently posted this on Bernardo's forum, but thought it would have its place here as well. As I said on his forum the views here did not really surprise me at all. I think science overreaches with topics such as these. You cannot bring presumptions into something that we cannot measure and determine. A Physicist making determinations on this, in my opinion is the same as Joe Sixpack. These are existential questions that science cannot claim to know at this moment.

If this does not warrant a new topic, because I am sure this has been discussed frequently. Feel free to move it. I just meant to discuss this video itself, not previous threads about this topic. Also if it is in the wrong section, I apologize, I am new to this.

It goes onto religion as well, which I found to be an unfair depiction as well.
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