Johnathan Zap on NDEs



I don't follow a lot of the NDE stuff but this seemed interesting:

Religion, Faith, not Necessary for Recognition of Afterlife

Life Lessons from the Living Dead is an article and podcast I put together to provide testimony from near-death experiencers about the nature of consciousness and the after life. Sources for further reading are suggested and a detailed history is given of the Pamela Reynolds case, an NDE that cannot be accounted for by neurological materialism.

In The Glorified Body---Metamorphosis of the Body and the Crisis Phase of Human Evolution I provide a briefer case history:

The following example of NDE evidence is far from the most impressive, but is chosen because of the arch-conservatism of its source — National Geographic — an organization known for its attempts to debunk paranormal claims. What follows are some transcribed excerpts from the National Geographic documentary: Moment of Death
At one point he stepped back, the surgeon stepped back, and it looked like he was flapping his arms and I thought: What in the world is he doing that for?" Al continues, "He was orchestrating: Do this, do this and do that and it did seem very foreign to me what he was doing."

Al demonstrates Dr. Takata strange movements, his hands to the sides of his chest, elbows bent, twisting around and pointing with his elbows as he gives commands.

Dr. Anthony F. Lasala , MD, cardiologist at Hartford Hospital explains:

"Dr. Takata, when he's not operating, and trying not to contaminate his hands, will put his hands close to his chest and point with his elbow."

Dr. Lasala: "Al Sullivan would not know of this peculiar behavior of Dr. Takata. I did not tell him that."

Dr. Takata: " I cannot explain how he saw these things under the complete sleep of anesthesia."

Dr. Lasala: "Even if he was conscious, it would be impossible for Al to see Dr. Takata's stance or arm movement because Al was behind a drape that blocks the vision of the patient and his eyes were taped shut."