Kanzawa Sensei Chi Master Gets Animals to Sleep


The owner of the alpaca ranch, Cecilia Secka, posted to her blog a couple of articles about the alpaca segment. Here's the longer and more informative one:
Over a year ago the TV series, Stan Lee's Superhumans, filmed a segment at my ranch featuring my alpacas. It is currently being shown on the History2 Channel on Sunday evenings. The episode is called "Beast Masters". My segment features Chi Master Kanzawa Sensei who was flown in from Japan. Mr, Sensei claims he can put any animal into a trance by using mind control.
Read the rest here:
Sweet Water Alpaca Ranch on TV


Ian Gordon

Intriguing, Doug. I was wondering at first if it was hypnotism, but doesn't seem like it. It makes one think if military intel have tried using this on humans? :eek:
Intriguing, Doug. I was wondering at first if it was hypnotism, but doesn't seem like it. It makes one think if military intel have tried using this on humans? :eek:
Yeah, I wouldn't put anything past them.

You know, Ian, in the first of the Japanese videos I posted earlier, it looked like Kanzawa pointed to a couple of sheep, as if targeting them in advance for his sleep whammy. If this is so, and Kanzawa claims to be able to single out individual animals in a herd and influence them to the exclusion of others, then a simple study could be performed to test the claim. Animals could be placed in numbered stalls, and the numbers of those stalls could be chosen randomly, and on the spot. If he succeeded in influencing the animals in the proper sequence (or mostly so), then I think we'd have excellent evidence to back up his claims. A few runs with, say, ten animals per run would probably suffice. I wonder if anyone in Japan has thought of setting up such a study. I wish someone from Superhumans had thought of it.


Edit: I meant to say earlier that sequential testing could be especially useful because it obviates the need for expensive and time-consuming drug tests. That is, even if the animals were surreptitiously given narcotics prior to testing, they shouldn't drop in the same random sequence in which Kanzawa wills them to drop.
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Ian Gordon

As far as I know, Dean's book doesn't mention a siddhi for taming wild animals. But crocodile Dundee evidently practiced one, as you can see in this amazing clip:

Crocodile Dundee (1986) Movie CLIP - Mind Over Matter

Doug :)
Apparently, there is one!

Eight Major Siddhis
7. Vashitvam: This is the power of taming wild animals and bringing them under control. It is the power of mesmerising persons by the exercise of will and of making them obedient to one’s own wishes and orders. It is the restraint of passions and emotions. It is the power to bring men, women and the elements under subjection.


Until you get there, you can at least train your dog to unroll your yoga mat.

This is nice.
Founded by father and son Oscar and Cristobal Scarpati, the Doma India School in San Luis, Argentina is using yoga to tame and relax nervous and traumatized horses. According to the Scarpatis, yoga helps form the bond between the trainer and the horse, making it possible to tame and teach the animal.
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In a scientific experiment designed to test a qigong master (qi is a different spelling of chi), the qigong master could correctly sense that a culture of cells were abnormal even though he was told by the experimenter that they were normal.

We deal with all this so routinely in the lab, I didn't think to mention it to the qigong master in our first experiment. We simply handed him a dish with cells growing in it, and said, "There are normal cells in the dish. Please give them a healing treatment. We hope to see them grow well, even more than untreated control cells." That was the procedure. Seems straightforward, right? This qigong master had agreed to the task and I figured we'd let him take his time and do his thing with the dish. But after treating the cells he came out of the treatment room shaking his head. "Those cells are not normal," he said. "They are very abnormal, so I didn't try to make them grow. I tried to eliminate them."

I was feeling skeptical about the whole experiment and my first reaction was one of sheer irritation. I tried to be polite but I told the man he was frankly wrong. There was no question. These were normal brain cells. He came right back, just as confident as I'd been. He defied me outright. "No," he said, "they are not normal. I sensed an abnormal qi."

Well, at that point, it hit me. I realized there were in fact only one hundred normal healthy brain cells in that dish, and they were growing on top of ten thousand tumor cells in the process of committing cell suicide. So, if this healer could in fact perceive anything about the cell culture as a whole, we might perfectly well expect he'd take notice of the dying tumor cells, not just the much smaller percentage of healthy cells. At that point, I backed up and explained the nature of the culture to him. He nodded and let me know that now everything made sense.

That episode intrigued me. Maybe this man really was able to perceive something quite unknown to me. Our experiments have unfolded from there.
Anyone can learn to use this "energy": http://sites.google.com/site/chs4o8pt/spiritual_healing
Do you usually give credence to hollywood movies? You might not have know this, but movies have all sorts of phoney stuff in them.
Thanks all the same, but I said that with tongue in cheek. I thought the smiley beside my name indicated that, but I guess I was wrong in your case. Aside from that, I really appreciate your voluminous efforts to educate the misguided psi proponents in these forums.

Doug ;)

Ian Gordon

You can disagree with me all you want, but I stick by my claim that moves have all sorts of make-believe stuff in them, just like this forum does.
Communication misfire again.

To be painfully explicit: Mel, do you really think the Dundee and the dog mat videos were posted as arguments for psi? You're telling me you were not able to discern their entirely humorous intent?
Since we see so much other ridiculous stuff here, I wouldn't be surprised that some would consider hollywood movies as evidence. Just look at the thread about computers. There's at least three guys here that won't even admit they exist! Then when I ask them how they send their messages in, they won't tell me. BTW, I haven't seen many of your posts before; you seem to be one of the few normal ones, right?
Or you could just admit that you lack a sense of humor...everyone else got the joke

Nice stubborn pride btw

Ian Gordon

I think Mel won't respond as he appears to have been given the heave-ho (he's no longer in the forum member list). It wasn't me!

Oh well. You were fun while you lasted, Mel!