Mod+ Locating objects - "inwardly"

Often when someone I'm living somewhere with has misplaced something, I visualize the object, relax, "feel in" and allow images to come into my mind of where it is. This works for me, about 70% of the time.
That's an impressive success rate.
It's okay I guess. 90% or more would feel like a yeah to me.

Other factors involved are that usually when I'm asked the person is at least slightly upset and I usually have a strong desire to locate it for them so they'll feel relieved.
You may be selling yourself short, Saiko. Typical laboratory psi experiments are lucky to get over 30% when 25% is expected by chance. What is the a priori probability that you will be able to guess where your friend's object is located without any assistance from psi? 20%? 5%? I know that's a complicated question but whatever that number is, that's what you're competing against, I would think. Or maybe you're just a very talented guesser!:)

I'd be thrilled if I could find 20% of the things I've misplaced, let alone what my friends have lost!:eek:
But see . it's not a competition for me. Nor am I engaging in research with it. It's about exploring expanding my awareness and use of my abilities. It's not guessing . . .I do that at times and the difference is clear. In what I'm talking about I get an image (unforced) of the object in its current location. The times I guess are when I don't feel the urge to help or when I don't get an image.

The thread was made with the intent of reading what others experience in similar actions.