Love Across Lifetimes

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Love Across Lifetimes

I’m a hypnotist specializing in past life regression and I like to talk about how we can explore love and relationships through the experience of what may be memories of past lifetimes. To be clear, my approach to past life regression is considerate of all possibilities. They may be memories of past lifetimes we’re exploring, though it is also evident that the experiences are metaphorical in nature, connecting to dominant themes or relationships occurring in the present. The material that arises during a past life regression speaks to us in a way that dreams do, or any kind of symbolic reasoning. Symbolic reasoning is the unique human ability to understand layers of meaning; without it we could not understand languages, use money, or appreciate art. Metaphor is often referred to as the language of the subconscious mind.

Experiencing a past life regression is a lot like a guided meditation or the savasana at the end of a yoga class. The state of awareness is relaxed and open. I use my voice to offer guidance while the content comes from the person having the experience. I don’t tell people what their past lives are, nor do I claim to know what happens in the afterlife. Instead, I focus on the experience in the present moment and the potential therein. Regardless of the number or quality of the relationships seem we explore during regression, there is only one that we’re peering into: the relationship one has with him or herself.