Loved the book, Alex

Alex, despite being one of those who followed the podcast since the first episode, I found the book an interesting read. The podcast runs for so many years that it was refreshing to get these bite-sized summaries of the more interesting topics that it touched on.

I also liked your personal voice in the book, how your personal journey unravels through the years by following the data and how your eyes opened on several occasions.

I posted a review on Amazon (.ca) and also referenced it in my blog at

Keep up the good work!
Nice to see you around Jacob!

Question: aside from details about Alex's personal journey - is there any material that would be new for someone who had listened to every podcast? That is, do the substantive topics go beyond what was already published in the interviews?
Hi Arouet, nice to see you're still here in the forums too.
I've been out for a long time and only occasionally taking a glimpse at what's going on here - too much personal stuff going on.

As for your question, most of the book is excerpts from various interviews, collected into separate topics.

Additional stuff that I don't remember if it was mentioned on the podcast much are those related to Alex'es healing experience and his attempts to set up replication of telepathic dogs experiment and his short mediumship experiment and his own personal reading. I think he had addressed all or most of this in the various podcasts, but I can't say I remember well the details of every one of his podcasts, so the book a good summary for me of what Alex (and we with him) went through since 2007.