Lucid dreaming and OBEs

Very interesting development in my dream life unfolded. I and a colleague at work are keeping a dream diary together. Anyhow, I dreamed that I was following one of my colleagues from work up a flight of stairs, in a school building I didn't recognise. A little later in the same dream, I was in a kitchen, making coffee, when the person I was following up the stairs came in to the kitchen (her name is Hannah). I tell Hannah, in this dream, that I dreamt that I was following her up the stairs, to which she begins to tell me about something really interesting that she dreamt, and we begin a conversation about it. When I awake, I write this in my dream diary (more happened in my dream, but it is not relevant here).

When I got to work that morning, around 8.50am, I find myself in the work kitchen making coffee, when Hannah walks in. I tell her I had a dream about her last night, in which I was following her and another colleague of ours up a set of school stairs. She replies "Really?" and begins to tell me about a dream she had had, about the friend of mine who is keeping a dream diary with me at work, which she said she wasn't going to tell anyone about until I told her my dream. It didn't dawn on me until much later that this little encounter with Hannah in the waking world, was almost exactly what had happened in my dream. (except the kitchen in my dream was a totally different place, and the Hannah of my dream had changed into someone else, although I knew it was this same Hannah from work).


Also, the next day, my friend who is keeping a dream diary with me, told me the next day he had had both a lucid dream and out of body experience in the same night, one blending into the other. This has had a profound effect on him, as he was never a particularly spiritual person, but leaving his body has really surprised him to say the least (and me, as I trust him more than all the so called experts I don't know personally). I know my friend very well, and he is certainly not given to tall tales, or flights of fancy, so his story has filled me with renewed fervour to try and achieve lucidity.

thought I'd share this with everyone here. Incidentally, I am still struggling with recall, never mind lucidity.

(quick reality check ..... Doh! still awake)
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How can you tell the difference between LD, OBE and astral travel?
LD is just a dream in which you know you're dreaming. Otherwise all the bizarre content, people and environs that you would have in an ordinary dream are present.

In OBE you experience yourself in a flying body, there is the definite sensation of travel - but not a "flying dream". You're fully awake and the surroundings you experience are the same that your physical body is in -- but this can change of course. A conscious OBE can lead into a dream or conclude a dream, or it can lead to an experience that is neither dream nor the obvious, immediate physical surroundings.

This happened during a recent OBE. I slid out, this time head first, and shortly found myself zooming through what seemed to be a tunnel illuminated by fantastic lights. This went on for, I would say, about three minutes.

I emphasize the high rate of speed - but I felt completely safe. I was entirely conscious during the OBE and basically spent my time marveling at the lights, and how good it felt, and wondering where I would end up. (If I'd remembered it, I would have chuckled at the famous remark by a luge athlete. Google "Luge Strategy").

I don't know where I ended up! I did not plop or float back into the body this time. I think I either fell asleep at that point, or whatever happened couldn't be translated back into content I would remember.

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Links to William Buhlman:


Good talk by Buhlman. I agree especially with the following points:

1. Question everything. Assume nothing.
2. If there is an afterlife, expect to carry all your conceptions and beliefs right along with you.