Manifesto in Explore (2014) and its criticism


Mario Beauregard, Natalie Trent, and Gary Schwartz published a “Manifesto for a postmaterialist
science" in Explore-magazine in 2014. Interestingly, this was criticized in a mainstream physics journal Physics Today in Sadri Hassani's "Commentary: The dangerous growth of pseudophysics" (May 2016). The authors of the Manifesto responded in November 2016 issue of Physics Today. In addition, Larry Dossey's response was published as well (Dossey is an executive editor in Explore). It is quite unusual and refreshing to read about nde in a physics journal! Unfortunately, the Commentary and the responses are behind a paywall.

I have great respect for scientists who are willing to publicly defend a postmaterialistic science. I think that eventually the materialistic worldview will bend but it will take time and brave forerunners. I'd like to add that Alex's work is part of this slow process.

Perhaps Alex could interview one of the Manifesto authors in Skeptiko?

Best wishes,

Dr. Savant