Materialism vs Materialism - the Definitive Thread

There are two completely different definitions for the term materialism.

Materialism(1) - the day-to-day definition -- the belief/attitude that acquiring possesions is the most important thing in physical life.

Materialism(2) - the philosophical definition - the belief that all that exists is the physical.

Some are claiming that 1 is based on 2. I will not shirk from stating that such a claim is clearly ridiculous.

- Let's start with the Bible as a well-known example. In it we have Christ admonishing listeners to store up treasures in heaven not on earth. IOW to focus on the spiritual. It's highly unlikely that any of his listeners were materialists(2) as they were all Jews and most likely active practitioners of Judaism. Even the Romans were not materialists (2).

- We can view any large society with a strong spiritual tradition and see that there are always a significant number of materialists (1) From Aztec priests to Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. I cannot think of one spiritual tradition in which that is not the case.

- Conversely we can view many materialists (2) who are not materialists (1). They believe it's important that what they see as the earth's finite resources be cared for, sustained, shared fairly. Many believe that leisure time, relationships, etc are far more important than acquisition for it's own sake.

- Spirituality is not about "being nice." Or concerned with others, or any specific thing. Yes there are religions, spiritual paths that advocate those things. Just as there are non spiritual paths that do The argument that a materialist(1) is influenced away from an other-caring morality is spurious and silly.

- Many perhaps most of the people driving modern society have not been and still are not materialists(2). They are people whose concepts of spirituality influence and reinforce them. Slavery, overt sexism, genocide, plundering the earth, etc are all things that have been advocate primarily by those who are religious. Their spiritual beliefs generally include some version of god putting them on earth to have dominion. One can even state that modern society is driven by those who believe that in some degree or the other they are chose by god and that their actions are righteous.

- That there are many people who will even listen, much less be influenced by materialists (2) is very new. Perhaps only in the past two decades. I doubt that even today an open materialist could get elected POTUS.