Meditation Insight Questionnaire

On his Twitter page, Dean Radin writes:

We are studying experiences associated with meditation practice. Please take our survey.
Welcome to the Meditation Insight Questionnaire! Thank you for considering telling us about your meditation experience.

This survey asks about experiences you may have had during or related to meditation practice. The majority of questions are multiple choice and address the frequency, quality or intensity of experiences you have had during meditation. The survey takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete depending on the number of experiences you have had and the depth of further information you provide.

We will use your responses on this survey as the first step in developing an expanded set of concepts to be measured in meditation research. We want to find out how often people report having these experiences as a part of their meditation practice.

I was all set to do it and then I noticed the questions styled "loss of." To me that points to a bias. In general usage "loss" is not often used to describe accomplishing something positive. Weight loss is one exception.