Mentalist Joseph Dunninger

I've been reading about the mentalist Joseph Dunninger. For example, this site ( lists some of his achievements, and you can listen to an example of his shows here:

I've also read some studies dealing with mediums, in particular Gladys Osborne Leonard's book tests, and while they were quite impressive, it seems as if Dunninger is also quite impressive in what he could do. Does anyone know if any parapsychologist has addressed Dunninger's tricks and tools, and whether what he did could withstand some of the conditions imposed on mediums like Leonard and Piper? "Hot reading" explains some of his hits, but some things like figuring out a lock combination (" they all went there and he was able to tell them what the combination of the safe was...") and figuring out social security numbers which most people would not be likely to give away ("...he would give them other specific information such as names, addresses, bank note and social security serial numbers") would be difficult to explain by prior research.

What do you think of this?