Movie/TV Recommendations Thread

The Leftovers (3 seasons - HBO) - Season 1 trailer below.

The less you know about this series going in the better. Given the people I see posting on this forum I think it would appeal to the Skeptiko sensibilities.

It engages with issues of faith, loss, death, afterlife communication, cults, mental illness, religon, spirituality, just to name a few topics.

It is a slow burn and if you give it time to unfold, goes down roads I've not seen other shows take. Highly recommended.
The Path (3 seasons - Hulu) - Season 1 trailer below.

I've only seen the first season of this show but it's very strong. This is the series Aaron Paul jumped into after Breaking Bad finished.

Again, great themes for the Skeptiko audience - cults, faith, spirituality, and mystical revelation.

Season 1 kicks off with a guy who belongs to a Scientology-like cult questioning his faith after an ayahuasca vision quest in South America.
Dark (1 season so far) - Netflix

My favorite series of recent years. Look past the missing persons, cop proceedural veneer and you'll find a show exploring time, retrocausality, paradox, evil, and fate. Watch it in the original German with subtitles - the dubbed version is far inferior. Beautifuly filmed.

Season 2 is on the way!