Hi All,

Initially I contacted Paquart about this project but he seems unresponsive.

I have had it in mind for quite some time and I would like to pick everybody’s brains on it. First let me give you a bit of background.

Has anyone ever watched or read FlashForward? If you haven't it's about all of humanity passing out because of a CERN-like experiment and then waking up having seen the future ; after that event people are asked by the feds to log their visions onto a platform.

I'd like to replicate that idea and apply it to dreams. Goals of this study

1. Determine recurring themes

2. See if themes are related to subjects’ cultural background/location etc.

3. Determine whether these dreams are premonitory

Re 2. and 3. , for example let’s say that we have people in California dreaming of burning trees/bushes ashes and then one week after that.

I don’t know if such study already exists. If it does, can anyone care to share the link to it?

If it doesn’t, I would need people’s help to carry it out. I have got absolutely no clue about statistics, protocols, etc.

I know there is such thing as global consciousness project but I don’t think the study I am alluding to is the same.

Appreciate your help guys…
I think the MU guys did a previous interview with Ryan Hurd where he talks about some precognitive dreaming. Ryan seems like a very nice guy and approachable. I'm sure he would be glad to talk with you about dreaming.
Thank you FFH. I will definitely do that especially that now I received a message from Hunter saying that no correspondence to him should be done over emails (why have an email address then :)) )

Just as an FYI, I emailed Sheldrake about the above and also shared with him the links you gave me. It's been acknowledged by his assistant I think.