My first LSD experience!

I was at a mountain ski resort in Romania with almost all of my medical school group colleagues, when fortune smiled upon me, granting me access to two blotters of 200 micrograms of LSD. I refused to take it then, since tripping alongside drunk medical students would have been quite awkward. Personally, I got drunk and vomited my first night, afterwards not touching alcohol for the remainder of my stay there. Two things that will be relevant later on during my LSD trip back home: an arab guy called Ahmad repeatedly barged in at night through our room to access the terrace that connected to the room near us where two female students were staying, obviously he was looking for some action. Second the guy that gave me the blotters left on the third day for some concert in Cluj.

I arrived home on the fourth of February, ate vigorously and took a blotter at 10 PM. First 2 hours were uneventful, excepting the fact that I didn't understand anything that was going on the TV. Suddenly the letters and numbers on my IPHONE started swirling and I realized that I'm finally tripping. Went to the bathroom and found it suffused with golden light after turning on the lights, and the sculpted tree branches above my tub began to sway and arrange themselves in intricate forms. I also had auditory hallucinations involving a wishing or whirring sound like that of an engine or a turbine enveloping every thought I had. At the peak I began to emphatically connect with all my medical colleagues, friends and acquaintances. I lost the concept of desire, and I couldn't realise why people wanted things from other people, such a strange concept to ponder. The day after I was in a state of, you could say egoless desirelessness or nirvanic calm, appreciating such simple things as chirping swallows or the sound of my footsteps gently touching the ground.

The day after I went to get a haircut, still moderately tripping, and during this some kid was streaming a live concert from his laptop that surprisingly was from Cluj. My first thought was synchronicity, but I recanted my initial conclusion, basically telling myself that LSD might be at fault for my magical thinking. I left it at that and went on to some other business, which included getting my XBOX ONE from my mother's house, when on a sparsely populated and rather backwood street I came across my arab colleague Ahmad driving his car crossing right in front of me, waving as he passed. I thought of both of them during my acid trip. Interesting things happened that day. I would like particularly Manjit, if he can to present his conclusion of what happened and to share similar stories. These experiences do fit rather nicely into an idealistic or holographic model of reality, although through what mechanism I don't know.
That was interesting - if a bit brief! Did you mean 'emphatically' or 'empathically'?

It sounds as if you did your first trip on your own - which I understand is never a good idea - just in case you get a bad trip.

That was interesting - if a bit brief! Did you mean 'emphatically' or 'empathically'?

It sounds as if you did your first trip on your own - which I understand is never a good idea - just in case you get a bad trip.


Empathically linked, like a sense of love that transcended any sexual or emotional interest, a blurring of the boundaries that keep us apart. I normally am quite resistant to feel good hippie new age parliance, but that was my experience.

And yes, I risked doing it alone, but I didn't trust anyone to guide me through the experience, so that was that. I was either quite psychologically balanced or just plain lucky, but I did have a wonderful experience. LSD presented me with a shift in consciousness that was marvelous and completely unexpected, I almost felt what Buddha felt when he achieved Enlightenment under the Boddhi tree, like I never wanted anything from anyone ever again. What I was then was all that was needed. It will be very hard to reintegrate these changes into my ordinary state of consciousness, which compared to LSD consciousness, is pure torture.
Hi SciFiFanatic101, thanks for sharing, interesting! Have your thoughts on your experience shifted in the days since then?

You write "I would like present his conclusion." I assume you mean me, there doesn't appear to be many other manjits on this forum?! To be honest the only conclusion I'm pretty sure about is the fact I haven't got the slightest idea about what is going on here or indeed anywhere else! :)

Well, even if I have no helpful conclusions, thanks for giving me an opportunity to reminisce.

I think general "air" or "feeling" during any half decent LSD trip is suffused with the vague sense of inter-connectedness with our surroundings (both animate & inanimate) which manifests as synchronicities, telepathy, synaesthesia etc. However, I would say after more than a dozen trips, two experiences stand out as the most memorable for this kind of outwardly manifesting "strangeness".

Firstly, and funnily I suppose, the first strange thing happened on the very first trip I took (also happened to be by far, far the cleanest and strongest LSD I've ever taken, and I took two dots by accident:eek::eek::eek: ). The strange occurrence was that as soon as I handed the dot to my friend and he put it in his mouth, we both saw an electrical spark come from his mouth to the dot in his hand. I had been handling the dots before he came round so may have absorbed some by touch, so hallucinated the spark some 30+mins later when my friend dropped it - but how did he also see it at the same time? In retrospect, I suspect I may have imagined and/or heavily suggested to him that he saw the spark, when he in fact didn't, and he was just playing along? I only thought that some 20+ years later though....I was pretty sure for those 20 years we both saw the same "hallucination" at the same time, even though he hadn't taken anything?!

The second, and for me far more mysterious, phenomena was when a group of us had taken some LSD - good but not mind blowing like the dots above - and 3 of us were "coming up" sat at a table on which there was a pack of cards. I picked the cards up and started messing around with them. Then somehow or other, I noticed that every single card I was turning over was a Jack of Spades (if I only turned one card over, if I turned the whole pack over they were all, as you'd expect, different cards). After a few times like this, I got a little excited/freaked out (as opposed to bad trip freaked out!), and I started doing it rapidly, shuffling the cards, then taking the top card, or cutting randomly to the middle of the pack, or the top, or bottom, or wherever - Jack of Spades every time! Now bearing in mind this acid wasn't the strongest AND we were only just coming up, I was completely aware - I felt - that this wasn't a hallucination and was actually physically happening. By now I was demonstrating this to the 2 others at the table, and another person, making 4 of us, also came to watch. Then everyone started taking turns, and each one of us, shuffle as we might, and pick the card from where we wished, would turn the Jack of Spades every single time, without a single instance of getting it wrong - now we were tripping, but all of us certain we weren't THAT high, but this was freaking us out as we couldn't distinguish if this was physically real, or some weird manifestation of the trip. I was into studying the methodology of stage magic but not practicing it (interest in magic and hypnotism relates to how they may possibly relate to the phenomena surrounding gurus etc) so during the occurrence was wondering if I was not subconsciously manipulating the pack to "force" the JoS, but that was unlikely because I had never actually practiced it.....and because all 3 other people also independently shuffled the pack and picked JoS each time. After about 30 literal minutes of this, we all began to feel a sense of unease or creepiness, and decided together to stop fucking around with the cards ;)

I'm going on a bit, but it's interesting for me to ponder myself, because I've never really made sense of 99.999% of things in my life :) But, for me at the time quite astonishingly, about 4 years after that experience, I was in the office (my first job) talking to my co-worker, and I can't recall how we got talking about it, but her mother, from one of the Islands in the Carribean, St Lucia or Joseph's or something, used to be a "witch" or "psychic" and would read people's fortunes through a normal deck of cards. And what she said was that her mother's "spirit guide" or channel through which she works with the cards was the Jack of Spades, and that it was a very dangerous and powerful card!!! :eek::eek: I almost fell of my chair when she said that!! It may sound like just an odd coincidence, and it probably no doubt is, but I can tell you for that hour or so after she said it, it felt pretty damn significant to me haha! What are the chances of somebody randomly telling me this story a few short years after having that experience?! And THAT particular card? I've never heard before or since of anyone having a playing card as a spirit guide?!

Also, it would be remiss of me not to add to the above that a few years after both of these events, a friend of mine came round my house and I picked up a pack of (very rarely used, almost new) cards and said to my friend, randomly and without any conscious thought, "pick a card"...he picked a card, and I cut to the middle of the pack, and it was his card! Now, in retrospect, I would say I was no longer in conscious control of what I was doing, I was either "in the zone" or in a "trance" or channeling something or other......I kept shuffling the pack then very rapidly flicking through the pack and looking at all the cards, but at an impossibly fast speed to retain subconscious let alone conscious awareness, then I'd ask again "pick a card", he'd say it, then I'd cut immediately and without error directly to his card, though it was either the face up or face down one every time I cut, so 1/26 chance. I did this, rapidly, about 15 to 25 times without a single error (either face up or down card, 1/26 chance). I will never forget the look in my very good friends face, who is very skeptical and cynical by nature......trying to work out how I was doing my "trick". Little did he know even I didn't have a clue......;)

Annnnnnyways, "conclusion"?

I haven't got the foggiest clue about anything at all. :)