Mod+ My New Book! Psi Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet

I’m not just a blogger anymore. I’m officially an author. My book is available on Amazon on both Kindle and in print.

Here’s the Kindle link: PSI Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet eBook: Craig Weiler: Kindle Store

In journalistic fashion, Craig Weiler relates what began as a seemingly harmless attempt to make sure that TED talk videos maintained a high standard and how this exploded into a wild scientific controversy. When the nonprofit company took down one of their YouTube videos by scientist Rupert Sheldrake, who had given a speech on the philosophy of science, they ignited a fierce discussion that eventually grew to include hundreds of people spanning the globe. For a while, ordinary folks, distinguished scientists, Internet trolls and even a Nobel Prize winning physicist all got together to hash out the greatest scientific controversy . . . ever.
Here is a sample of the reviews so far for this book:

This is a well written journalistic exposé of an Orwellian double-speak world that — unfortunately — is not a work of fiction.

It describes a world where the most widely accessed factual encyclopedia is actually a work of fantasy written by anonymous amateurs; where organizations that purport to support scientific inquiry in fact do the complete opposite; where a celebrated science prize is actually an impossible-to-win publicity stunt; and where an entertainment outlet with a mission for sharing ideas instead acts to censor them. And this is just the beginning.

Dean Radin

As one of the speakers originally invited to participate in the WestHollywoodTEDx event that was declared unworthy by TEDx’s mysterious scientific advisory board, I have closely followed Craig Weiler’s incisive writings on this subject. Craig gets it right from start to finish — well, not “finish,” because the controversy still rages. He understands the sociocultural and academic issues clearly and has the guts to say so in this excellent book. …

Larry Dossey

An excellent book. Clearly written, lively in style, informative and accurate. As one of the people at the centre of the controversies Craig Weiler describes, I know more than most people do about the events he writes about, and his is by far the best account of these recent battles for the internet. His title is not an exaggeration. . .

A. Skeptic
Here’s the link for the print version. Createspace is part of Amazon and for some reason my royalties are a lot better if you buy it there. It will be available elsewhere in a few days.


Ian Gordon

Like I told Craig, I ordered it and am gonna read it when it arrives on my doorstep - early January I think it said. Can't wait for it! I hope a lot of people here support him! Congrats again, Craig. :)
It's been getting a very positive reception overall. You don't really know how people are going to react to your work until you put it out there. So I'm quite happy about this turn of events.