NDE featuring ET's ?

I thought this was an unusual NDE case, sorry if it is a bit annoying in its presentation. The beings she claimed to meet were extra terrestrials ? I don't think I've seen such beings described in other NDE's (Probably have been though ?)


Ian Gordon

Thanks for sharing this, Steve. Interesting. She calls them "extra-terrestrial beings" but I'm not sure what she meant. She was saying it in the context that it wasn't Jesus, angels, etc. And they were liquid-mercury-like and one of them, half-revealed, was "beautiful"! (I don't remember an ET being described this way. :D) Robed beings often appear in NDEs, but then I think robed ET's are also described (?). Anyway, whatever they are, pretty cool: the harmony & chaos creators, etc.
Hancock in his book Supernatural makes a good case for the parallels/links between ET, Angels, and Psychedelic Experience. Talbott's book Holographic Universe speaks more directly to the idea of "luminescent ET-like entities" administering life reviews. I'm forgetting the NDE researcher who catalogued the experiences however, I don't have the book on me at the moment.
Unfortunately, the video can no longer be played. But I wouldn't be surprised if ET-like being would conduct life reviews. There are Nordics, of course. Or ascended masters. And supposedly if you don't have any strong religious beliefs or cultural archetypes, the being of Light could show up as whatever you might find comfortable. Reminds me of the two ascended masters that showed up in Gary Renard's living room in The Disappearance of the Universe.