NDE Narratives from Israel

Interesting paper detailing some coma NDE's from Israel, and the different ways these coma patients have of reconciling and expressing their experiences. I'm only providing a link to the full paper on my blog today - so grab it whilst it's available if you're interested...


Between My Body and My “Dead Body”: Narratives of Coma - Limor Meoded Danon

Abstract: This article is based on narrative research that focuses on corporeal experience during coma and during the rehabilitation process. Seventeen participants from different areas of Israel who had been in various kinds of coma states reveal what the corporeal experience of coma is. The participants are divided into three types of narrative protagonists - "dead-alive," "rational," and "emissaries." Each of the participants redefined the boundaries of the body, especially in cases when they spoke of experiences they did not understand as corporeal, for example, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, or experiences of being between the earthly and unearthly. Their struggle to find suitable words to tell their coma stories emphasizes these boundaries between experiencing and telling, which crossed the normative discursive border of the medical establishment and illustrates the ambiguous nature of human existence.