NDE Panel this Friday at Rhine

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Exploring the Near Death Experience: A Panel Discussion

This Friday, the Rhine will present a panel discussion that will explore the nature of the Near Death Experience (NDE) from a research and experiential perspective. The panel of 4 includes researcher Robert Mays of IANDS (The International Association for Near Death Studies) who has spent over 30 years looking carefully at the significance and meaning of NDEs, and three participants who will share their own perspectives on their personal NDEs.

This evening talk will be an opportunity to hear about this phenomenon from both personal and research points of view. The panel will be moderated by Nancy Zingrone, who is currently involved in research work with IANDS.

Phone: (919) 309-4600 or visit www.rhine.org to get tickets and make reservations.

If you can't be in Durham, register for the LIVE ONLINE BROADCAST of this event! Click here for more information.