Noam Chomsky on Mind, Language, Science, & Limits of Thought [Resources]

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Was listening to this, good stuff though I'll probably listen to the Grosso podcast before coming back to it:

In this talk, Noam Chomsky discusses some philosophical issues involving language and the mind. In particular, he discusses three intellectual problems: what he calls Plato's problem, Orwell's problem, and Descartes's problem. Plato's problem has to do with how human beings, whose contacts with the world are limited and brief, are nevertheless able to know so much (i.e. issues involving innate knowledge & the poverty of the stimulus). Orwell's problem is the opposite: how human beings, with amble and reliable information, nonetheless know and understand so little. And finally Descartes' problem, which has to do with issues of freedom of choice and action.

For more with Chomsky on mind and language, check out:

The title of this talk is "Interpretation and Understanding: Language and Beyond" and was given at the College de France.
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Another Chomsky vid on science/consciousness stuff from back in the day - FDRS mentioned it years ago but this seems like a good place for it (press play and it works though picture doesn't show up in beginning):




The full tv debate by Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault on the question of Human Nature. Subtitles: English, Portuguese, Japanese. Proper subtitles.