Oculus - Game Changer?

Okay, too many posts for one day....but I had to mention this.

Confession: I'm NOT a big gaming fan. 3D movies can be cool, but nothing to write home (?) about. Last time I was really, really into a game, was back in the days of Mario Kart and Street Fighter on the NES & SNES. Even though I've bought many consoles since, I think my total actual time playing them, over 20 years, is about 3 hours!! I DO love a social 4 player FIFA 16 game though around a friends house! :D;;/?

Anyway, I'm basically the type to chortle & snicker at the idea of any kind of technology truly impressing me. Never been interested in the idea and concept of virtual reality, really. The arrogance of my "astral traveling" experience made me feel quite above all that malarkey.

Then a few weeks ago, a friend of mine has a Samsung phone (S6 I think) and then brought the Oculus which is used with that device. (As I said, I'm no techie!! haha)

Well, I "played" or "watched" about 4 different things for about 5 mins each.

I was absolutely blown away, it is truly astonishing!

Keeping in mind this is just the FIRST gen of these kind of devices........I was most blown away by the thought of 20, 30 years from now...beyond that....but as near as maybe 10.......this technology "concept" can be a REAL game changer on a massive scale.

Don't get me wrong....this is no substitute for what I consider to be the "spiritual"......this doesn't even come in the same galaxy (much like DMT imo, but that's not an opinion many will like haha).....but it I really do believe this can be a game changer for human society and how we view ourselves, our environment, reality etc. TV, movies, games, entertainment etc will definitely not remain the same, at the very least.

We started pondering, where will this lead? And will it be a "positive" or "negative" thing?

Will we all just be hooked up in pods, playing in "virtual worlds" because they're so much more pliable to our will?

Is that what we're already plugged into now in this human incarnation?



I wrote something about this on Prescott's blog:

I've wondered about the effects of VR as well, and I think it will over time further diminish the authority of the materialism.

Even now atheist figureheads like Neil Degrasse Tyson accept the possibility that this reality is simulated or is functionally like a simulation.

Some physicists and philosophers suggest there's only patterns or information that come before even space & time.

So the grounding is already there in academia and on the spiritual side you have Eastern traditions and more recent ideas like those of Tom Campbell. (Not to mention movies like Matrix, TRON, Existenz, 13th floor...)

But even beyond this I think children who grow up in the VR worlds won't have the same adherence to mechanistic thinking, that the universe is like a confining machine.

Combine this with the use of alternative medicine and even psychedelics in medical treatment and you have a society much more open to accepting challenges to the materialist faith.
Haha....should have know you'd already discussed it :) Was this a MP blog in the last few weeks/months or an older one?

I hears ya.....kind of chewed on the same thought myself, but very unsure if that is the direction it will go.

I can understand how future generations may perhaps not have such a "mechanistic" view of the universe....but neither a "materialist" one? I'm wondering if the fact these mind-expanding technologies are indeed technologies will keep us tied in with a materialistic view of the universe? I mean, look what science has done (people will think!) !

No idea though......but fascinating times ahead :) Have you tried the oculus yet?

Cheers Sci!
Can anyone relate to New Cap City? Is Oculus just a first step to holobands?

The resulting effect on the human will -- was not so goodly -- as portrayed in the TV series.
Errrm, awkward moment....I've just been over to Michael Prescott's blog.....reminded of it by Sci earlier today, and I kind of notice what Sci was on about....:


Haven't actually read more than a paragraph or two, but just had to comment on the striking co-incidence!

I wasn't aware of this when I started this thread. It's intriguing how I seem to be in "synch" with certain forums and blogs, even on something no directly related to the usual topics I'm/we're interested in or discuss....nice!

Hi Stephen - never heard of New Cap City? Is it a sci-fi tv show? Is it good?!

EDIT - just read the whole blog and comments, excellent piece. Well worth reading. As to the co-incidence, I'll just go with this line from this very blog haha!::)

"Because people at a similar level of spiritual development tend to flock together"
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Ah I was gonna mention the Prescott article was recent. :)

On VR and materialism - I think it's important to note Steve's post about the Isaac Asimov debate on whether the universe is a simulation or functionally equivalent to one.

Growing up with incredibly immersive VR, as I expect future generations will, makes us realize that behind the supposed certainty of physics is not only Wheeler's question "Why the quantum?" but also "Why any brute fact in physics?".

We know materialism is on incredibly shaky ground, given "matter" is more bizarre than anyone could've guess. Given the digital physics position, versus the shaky materialist position, I suspect the latter is supported by the experience of the constant physical world than any intellectual argument.

I also think VR advancements will come in conjunction with the use of lucid dreaming and psychedelics in therapy and possibly recreation.

AH! How could I forget, from 1st March:

This is surely going to be the next techno-drug … at least, before we become tolerant to it.

So sandwiched in between these 2 posts on 2 of my favourite blogs (already had several "synchs" with), somewhere in the middle a friend of mine unexpectedly turns up out the blue with the oculus, something I was disinterested in right up until I actually put them on. Nice. :)

Thanks for the post Sci. I must admit, I'm not sure I fully understand the meaning of this yet:

makes us realize that behind the supposed certainty of physics is not only Wheeler's question "Why the quantum?" but also "Why any brute fact in physics?".
But I am a simple fellow :) I will have to refresh my memory on these questions of Wheeler's.

That video has now been linked up in 3 different sites I frequent. I've been resistant to watching it for some reason. Guess I better do so now!

Cheers pal ;;/?
Hi Stephen - never heard of New Cap City? Is it a sci-fi tv show? Is it good?!

"Because people at a similar level of spiritual development tend to flock together"
New Cap City was a VR destination in the TV show Caprica (prequel airing after Battlestar Gallactica) . People used "holoband" devices for complete mental/emotional immersion and these electronic VR devices lead to a cybernetic afterlife. The fascinating idea of robots evolving religion through AI is a major theme in both shows. They used the term Apotheosis as a new "AI Salvation".

Sci-Fi helps humanity explore philosophical ideas and this fictional work did a top-notch job, IMHO.
Thanks for clarifying Stephen! Not seen Caprica unfortunatley, but it seems fascinating.

Totally with you on the "sci-fi help humanity explore" front, perhaps like people like Jeff Kripal suggest, it's kind of actually co-creating our reality as we go along?

But other than that YES, I totally agree. I think all the sci-fi movies and shows we've watched over the years have made our minds incredibly flexible in how we think about these things. There's been SO many shows that must have influenced my thoughts, perceptions etc over the years...

In fact, when I tried the oculus, and I haven't found a way to express this (I tried "futuristic" on Michael's blog a moment ago)....but what it actually felt like was ALL those sci-fi shows and movies, all the little thought-complexes they had created in my head of where actual-reality was headed with this virtual-reality, started to feel like they could become real. The fascinating thing is, I contextualised my actual experience within that fictional framework! (not sure if any of that made sense).

Anyway, if I ever get time with all the other things I need to watch...will definitely check out Caprica when next choosing a sci-fi tv show! Cheers!
On VR and materialism - I think it's important to note Steve's post about the Isaac Asimov debate on whether the universe is a simulation or functionally equivalent to one.
Well, I watched that 2 hour video last night. I wanted to comment on it but didn't want to clutter up that actual (Steve's) thread with my irrelevancies....I was more tempted to post my thoughts in the "Imagination" thread actually, but didn't want to derail that either. Then I realised this was the thread that got me to watch it, and I began it so can derail away ;) And anyway, tired now and need to take a break, so just a few comments:

I've been, and have expressed here in several threads, deeply appreciative of the concept of the universe as "information". It is a conceptual perspective which gives us a lot of flexibility in how we view reality & the variety of odd phenomena that can occur. With an "occult" flavour, people like Ramsey Dukes have been hinting at these ideas for decades, well before Tom Campbell's "Big TOE" came out (which, yes, I managed to read through all of......never really did work out where the science was haha! Still very fascinating though.....but is it just Seth's World framed in different concepts language & terminology).

I've also been fascinated for the last, what, 10 or so years since Bostrom made this all scientifically credible, and followed a lot of it's progress as a viable theory...kind of lost the edge to that interest more recently, past few years perhaps, which is why I resisted watching this 2 hour video...

But glad I did.....because for me, what it most showed was how completely clueless we still are, and how we weave imaginative narratives around the data/info we perceive. I really got the imaginal sense we are exactly where we were 2 thousand years ago in truly understanding the nature of our reality, and what part we as humans play in it, and that we're just going through another "cycle" of it where we create a narrative that we falsely believe describes reality, rather than understanding we are creating it ourselves with our own concepts as we go along.

The universe is a simulation?

A "simulation"?

"Somebody" or some thing may "pull the plug"?

I was struck by a few things, and quite unexpectedly.

How, in my understanding (though to be fair I am an imbecile!), there is very, very little actual science to corroborate such a narrative. (forget the "Pull the plug" part, that's ridiculously and obviously uncorroborated, I mean the idea of universe as a "simulation").

How small a percentage of chance most/all of these scientists gave to the idea, and several of these are amongst it's strongest advocates.

And, the strongest sensation I got more or less throughout.......was just how utterly from the imagination/imaginal all these ideas came from, imo, not some objective, linear, knowable universe "out there".....but from "in here".

But that's just me. Getting older, don't think I have the brain cells to follow & understand science that much anymore. And my "soul" seems unconcerned :)

And, as per my original post in this thread......the oculus device has confused me and my world view, it is no longer coherent. I am really not sure where it will take us, and how that relates to the "Imaginal", or to science & evolution etc etc.....:eek:

Who knows where we will end up?!