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An introductory video, the first half is a talk giving some background on the subject. The second half is a guided self-regression. No obligation here, though it could be interesting if anyone would like to follow the regression and see if there is anything to report.

Personally I was very cautious, perhaps even too cautious, I didn't even try this for months after listening to the talk. Eventually I took the time to give it a go. I had some slight results which I'll leave for now. I may describe that in a later post. One thing I would say is that a tranquil undisturbed environment is needed.

There are of course many other regression tapes, CDs and videos out there, any other suggestions welcome too.

Ian Gordon

Thanks for posting this, Typoz. I might try it out if I can find the time.

This is a bit of synchronicity because I was just this last hour watching an episode with Bob Olson where he talks about going to a 5-day Brian Weiss workshop, learning so much of it, and he talked about the quality of his guided meditations-past life regressions. It was making me want to do this. It starts at 31 minutes.
I'm going to give it a go when I get a chance. I may have some bias though that might cause some unwanted imagination/fantasy to intervene. I was told by two different psychics, completely unsolicited, the situations of my alleged most recent past life including the exact manner of death and they were both identical. I obviously have no way to say whether this was coincidence, but they were very specific, and if true, the circumstances involved would make very much sense in terms if specific feelings I had as a young kid and other aspects of this life.

Hopefully if I do the meditation I'll get something new from an earlier life :)

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Eh... these experiments usually work :)
I think I've already wrote about the time I was listening to an interview with Brian Weiss on Coast to Coast, while I was doing something else. At the end of the interview George Noory asked Weiss to demonstrate the hypnosis process.

At this point they got my full attention. For the heck of it I closed my eyes and followed the directions... it was a pretty quick meditation, a couple of minutes tops... "Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, imagine you're standing in front of a white door, the door is closed. Now imagine yourself opening the door and stepping on the other side... what do you see? What is around you? Is there somebody? How are you dressed?

Shabam... I was in a totally different place, I could see lots of details, I could see my boots and clothes and I was feeling in a very different mood (drastically different from that of 2 minutes before), and there was people, one in particular who was worried about my bad mood etc...

I filled multiple pages of a journal with that "experience" and I think I recounted in this forum too (or the old one?)
What to make of it? No idea. :D Lucid dream? Glimpses of a past life? The mind BSing me? :D
Maybe all three.
The first video I posted was really just a short introduction, even the regression part is pretty short. That's ok as a starter.

As an alternative, a rather longer regression session from Michael Sealey this time:
Thanks for the responses. Before posting this I did dig through a number of old threads and I know the topic has been covered before (including one of Alex's podcasts).

I must say also, I don't necessarily know what any of this actually means, initially I was a bit resistant to letting go and fully relaxing into the thing, with no results at all. However, after a break of a few days and coming back to it, I did find I was surprised by the results. Nothing earth-shattering, but I found in one experience I was seeing extremely vividly the colour and texture of the clothes I was wearing - but then I somehow came out of the zone and got nothing more. On another occasion, I found myself in a landscape, on a grassy hillside by a footpath or track, and entering a small hut or shelter. The doorway was low and I had to bend to enter. It had either a curtain or a animal skin hanging rather than a solid door. There were a lot of associated thoughts such as where and when it might have been, though it did involve a lot of broad concepts rather than great detail. In that latter case it seemed I may have been something like a shepherd, tending sheep or goats on a hillside in some Mediterranean country, possibly Greece, the time period I might hazard a guess at say 300 AD, The feeling I got was that it was somewhat untouched by the innovations of civilisation.

Such thoughts and ideas in a way could just flow naturally from my imagination, but that still raises the chicken-and-egg question, why does a particular idea flow so naturally, rather than another.
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To add to the "confusion"... I used to practice meditation on a daily basis years ago and similar experiences were not a surprise. Typically once out of 5-6 sessions I had briefs visions such as those I described in my previous post or that of @Typoz.

Very vivid, filled with details and usually lasting no more than 1 minute or less... There's a "sweet spot" during the descent in alpha where they get triggered easily. I used to keep notes, at least about the most striking visions. One involved finding myself inside what I would describe as a spacecraft, sitting in front of a myriad of complex controls and monitors. I turned my head around and in another chair was sitting this "alien" with the usual oval shaped eyes, miniscule nose and mouth, big head only he wasn't grey, more of a brown complexion with textured skin.

I stared at him/it for a solid 10 seconds, literally staring at his facial features. I couldn't decode his expression... seemed serious and concentrated. We just stared at each other for a moment and that was pretty much it. :D

After that episode I think I learned why many Buddhist / Zen meditation books say that all sorts of things happen while practicing and that the student should pay little to no attention and simply let it slide.

I reckon I wouldn't be a good Zen student ... more than a few times I have sat down in meditatation just to see what would come up!

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