Pentamental Ep.3 w/ The Magic Wands & Richard Merrick

No.3 just released this past Friday 12-05-14. Musicians Dexy/Chris Valentine (aka The Magic Wands) & Author/Acoustical Engineer Richard Merrick. Thanks for your support/attention:

Part 1 - Musickal Chairs w/ Magic Wands (Dexy & Chris Valentine):
Topics: Everyday Sync, Destiny, Aloha Moon, Musical Dialogue, Positivity & Chakras, Sadomasochism, Industry, Acoustical Psychonautics, Pyramids & Rosslyn Chapel, OBE & Dreams, Binaural Beats, ZEBRA, Color Therapy, Western Medicine, LA, Jupiter.

Part 2 - Tripping Daisy w/ Richard Merrick:
Topics: Psychedelic Inspiration, Apple II, Pyschonautic Science, Utility, The Vajra Sequence, Status-Quo Science, Science-Fiction, Harmonic Evolution & Darwinism, Liquid-Crystal Resonance, Anti-Philosophy, Compartmentalization, Bees & 93 Degrees.

Referenced links:
. . . Magic Wands on FB . . . Chris' Tonal Healing Shop . . . Interference Theory . . . John's Past Interview w/ Richard . . . Aloha Moon
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Here is a link to Richard's first book Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory that basically outlines the foundations of his music perception theory. It's pretty difficult to get in hardcopy. His follow-up, The Venus Blueprint, is basically a historical/metaphysical exploration of both harmonics generally and how they relate to his theory specifically:

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