Poltergeists as biomagnetic fields?

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Demystifying the Paranormal: Dr. Barry Taff Unravels the ‘Poltergeist’ Mystery

At UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI), now the Semel Institute, the lab operated from 1969-1978, headed by Dr. Thelma Moss. The lab functioned on two fronts. Firstly, it facilitated ‘psi-training research groups’ in which average individuals were aided in developing their extra-sensory perception (ESP), recording the accuracy of nonlocal observation long before Remote Viewing became a household phrase. Secondly, the lab investigated haunted houses and sites all over Southern California, among them the infamous Cielo Drive where the Manson murders took place.
Though survival-after-death is yet to be proved or disproved, a compelling theory surfaced for Dr. Taff after thousands of investigations and decades of collected data. According to him, what we imagine as ‘ghosts’ is actually stemming from very real, and very alive people. Taff refers to these people as Poltergeist Agents, who unknowingly act as ‘biological waveguides’ when they enter a specific environment. I know, stay with me.

Taff lists three variables that act together in concert to produce the physical manifestations of a good old-fashioned haunting: 1) The poltergeist agent is usually prone to seizures, and their biomagnetic field emits well over one million times the amplitude compared to the average person 2) The haunted site is located in a magnetically anomalous environment and 3) The poltergeist agent is neurologically wired in a way that enables their nervous system to hyper-react to said environment and, essentially, wreak paranormal havoc. “Once these conditions are met, all bets are off,” Dr. Taff bluntly assures, “anything could occur.” So, if you’d like to, imagine all your deep-seated, psychological frustrations and anxieties literally coming to life, as it were, and going bump in the night…

There’s more. Poltergeist phenomena, according to Taff, can also behave like a virus, following the agent from house to house, infected the site, leaving it saturated with its residual energy for another potential agent to come along, move in, and pick it up. “The places and faces may change, but the phenomena does not.” And you thought Ebola was scary.

Such intrepid and rarely discussed theories are not unlike the theories of those like Jacques Vallee (The Invisible College), D. Rogo Scott (The Haunted Universe), and John Keel (The Mothman Prophecies). They all too, in their own way, came to the conclusion that there is an underlying connection between all the seemingly ‘separate’ aspects of the paranormal. Consciousness, it seems, plays a pivotal and cunning role.

But it’s a long road to the kind of scientific discovery Dr. Taff is after. There’s a big hindrance to the pursuit of understanding the paranormal: Being eclipsed by its perpetual mystification at the hands of charlatans and science fiction.
Bit more:

So, it’s our subconscious minds, then, that have the ability to hurl household objects around?

It’s more complicated than that. It seems to be that there are several overlapping variables at work. One is the location—either a geomagnetic or an electromagnetic anomaly site—where there’s some strong form of energy that we know of affecting the individual at the core of the phenomenon. The second variable is that the individual is usually seizure-prone or epileptic, sometimes without knowing it. Lastly, they also suffer from ineffective coping mechanisms and problems dealing with stress. If those three variables work in the right relationship with one another, you get phenomena. This is why, with every case we approach, on top of everything else we do a medical background check of the individual and ask a lot of personal questions that, seemingly, have little to do with what’s going on.

My gut is telling me is that if we find out what this energy is, it could take us to the stars.
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Super-psi cannot Explain the Evidence for the Afterlife
Guy Lyon Playfair, William Roll, and Ian Stevenson all thought poltergeist phenomenon that did not depend on the presence of any one individual were caused by spirits.
There are several other types of evidence discussed at the above link in addition to the evidence from poltergeist.

What to do about poltergeists:
When the phenomena happens at various locations but always in the presence of one particular person, it is usually the person causing the phenomenon unconsciously through psychokinesis (unconscious PK).
Unconscious PK is sometimes called the Pauli Effect because the Nobel prize winning physicist Wolfgang Pauli was known to wreck lab equipment just by walking through the laboratory door.

When poltergeist phenomenon happens in only one location and does not depend on the presence of any particular individual, it is probably caused by a spirit.
Hmmm . . ..obviously it's a form of energy. And obviously it's an interaction between the energy of people/places currently in physical form and some other energy. But, while I think that report offers nothing new, I like that they're exploring.

When poltergeist phenomenon happens in only one location and does not depend on the presence of any particular individual, it is probably caused by a spirit.
To make that valid it would mean that the phenomena occur no matter who is present. IOW almost everyone even the most adamant naysayer would experience it. I don't know of any such cases.