Psi in the Brain 'But Not at This Moment'?

Personally I can't get my head (or consciousness) around this but pass it on to the more erudite here who might get it!

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The Nightshirt Sightings, Portents, Forebodings, Suspicions

The argument that many parapsychologists are making lately is that the source of psi material is “outside the head” in some transpersonal, collective, or otherwise nonlocal and immaterial conscious medium. I make a different proposal: The unconscious and psi are in our head, but not in our head at this moment.

The entire phenomenon of the unconscious, along with many if not all psychic phenomena, point to the brain as a fully four-dimensional processor of information. Elsewhere I’ve proposed how this may work given recent advances in quantum computing and quantum biology. The unconscious may be nothing but future consciousness as it informs present thought and action; manifestations of psi provide direct evidence that this is the case. Precognition and the unconscious may really be the same thing.
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Honestly I think Eric Wargo has some great posts but his whole thing about precognition just gets insanely confusing.

He might be correct....but I can't help but feel he's really off the mark in some way?